Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A day with YGM

YGM and the Soup Dumpling.  Yum!!!  One of these days, the two of us will get to this restaurant again.  But first, I'll get back to her place before summer ends....

- - - - - -

I had about 3-4 hours of sleep the night before, and having the alarms wake me up was difficult. Even though I was first awakened at 8:30 am, I couldn't get moving until 9:30, and couldn't get out of the house until 10:45. This meant that I wouldn't arrive at YGM's place until roughly 1 pm.

The GPS took me on a slightly circuitous route around Hartford, dumping me into a construction related traffic jam on I-91. Since I was mellow, relaxed, and not in any hurry (no, I was not drinking or smoking anything), I chilled to the music from my cell phone and oozed through traffic.  Once through the mess, it was clear sailing to Colchester.

When I arrived at YGM's house, she wasn't home.  She had forgotten I was arriving around 1 pm, and had taken her kids to an indoor rock climbing place.  (They loved it, but that's a story for another time.) She told me that her door was open, and that I could go inside, change into my bathing suit, and relax in the pool until she returned. Immediately after this, she called again, telling me that she was on her way home, and that a neighbor, KP, (whose  own kids were climbing the wall) would be bringing YGM's kids home. So, I stripped, put my breast forms into the bathing suit, hopped into the suit, and started to soak in the pool.

YGM soon came home, changed, and joined me in the pool.  After a half hour, both of us got out of the pool, and I was relaxing in my bathing suit and cover up when KP arrived. The three of us adults relaxed while the three children played in the pool. Then YGM's mom came home, and started feeding us.  (YGM's mom is both kind and religious.  And she is generous to a fault.  I'm very glad that YGM told her not to try to convert me to her faith.) We kept going well after dinner time, when KP had to leave for home, so that she could get enough sleep to wake up at 4 am.  Hopefully, I'll see KP (and her husband) again, as she seems like a very nice person. 

Soon afterward, it was my time to go home - and I hit a nasty construction related traffic jam in Hartford. If it weren't for this jam, I might have been able to make it home in 2 hours. Instead, I lost 30 minutes to the jam, and barely made it home awake.

Did I mention that YGM outed me to her mom?  Yes - but her mom accepts me for who I am as Marian, and not as being assigned Mario at birth.  I would have appreciated it if YGM had not done so, but I feel that she had her reasons. One thing I know was that YGM referred to my late wife as my late spouse in conversation with KP. I had just mentioned my speech therapy at Mercy College, and being widowed came up. Does KP have a clue that I'm trans?  Who knows. But I have no problems if YGM outs me again...

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  1. Stana may have more expertise with Hartford area traffic but it seems to me that for the past 30 years every time I have gone to or through Hartford there is construction. It can be renamed the 'land of the orange and white barrels.' Typical government projects...always in progress...never making progress.