Sunday, July 16, 2017

Voice therapy - Session 1

A while back, I mentioned that the GLBT center told me about voice therapy sessions being given at Mercy College at a discounted rate because they are being used to train therapists. I called the director of the center back in the Spring, and today was my first session.

- - - - - -

Getting up today, I knew that I had only two things to take care of today:
  1. My first speech therapy session at Mercy College
  2. Getting Pat's Gmail account contacts set up, so that she could enter contacts into her cell phone without having to use her small cell phone's awkward keypad.
So I scheduled the session with Pat to take place after my first day at Mercy, as I had no idea of how long working with Pat would take. (And this would prove to be a wise idea, given how long she took to "understand" what I was doing.)

Around 2 pm, I drove to Mercy College, and made the wrong turn in Dobbs Ferry. But I made it to the campus a smidgen before 3 pm, and then got lost in the building that I would be having my therapy session in. Luckily, I had the phone number of the office with me, and the therapist in training went up to find me.

Once we started the session, I answered a couple of "get to know you" questions, then proceeded to have the qualities of my voice measured. Strangely enough, I figured that there wasn't much that would be done today. Next week, the real work will begin when the therapist in training has had a chance to review things with her supervisor. And then, the "fun" begins. 

One of the things I noted was that the therapist in training was aware of Exceptional Voice's EVA app. So I'll bet that in future sessions, they may make use of Kathe Perez's software. If so, I'll report about it here, and tell my readers how well this software works.

- - - - - -

After finishing at Mercy, I picked up a pizza and went over to Pat's place to help her out. I found Pat to be both a slow learner, and someone who needs to have everything explained to her before she clicks on an icon. This is very frustrating, as I've found that it is much easier to learn computers by working with them.  With most operating systems and interfaces, getting things done is like solving the Tower of Hanoi.One has to understand the idea of a "State" and how to move forward and backward from any given state. And the only way to understand this is to see it in action when one clicks on nesting windows that pop up under a program's control.

Pat has never bothered to take the time out to develop a "deep understanding" of technology, as this would mean that she could not spend time on other things that she values more. Her lack of interest has made her a person who should never go near a computer if possible. (This also means that Pat will likely never go with me to a FFGoW meetup, as she will never feel comfortable enough to surf to and register for a meeting.) Hopefully, she will take an interest in technology in the future, as more and more things are being done online, and less and less things are being done with human assistance.

You can bet that I was very frustrated by the time I left Pat. But I figure that people helped me though they were extremely frustrated with me. So I try to "Pay it Forward" when possible.

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