Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quickie: Travel en-femme.

So far, I have had the pleasure of traveling en-femme via cruise ship and via Amtrak. I have yet to fly en-femme, as well as taking a cross-country train trip en-femme. Hopefully, I will be able to do these trips sometime before I retire.

In my en-femme travels, I have expected and prepared for experiences much worse than I have had to endure. The worst headache I had to deal with was extra security screening when I arrived in New York after my 2015 cruise. Most of the people I encountered couldn't give much of a damn about what I was wearing, as long as I presented them with valid government issued ID at appropriate checkpoints. This was true in the USA, Canada, and in a couple of the Caribbean islands I visited with Lili. Strangely enough, people checking my papers at American checkpoints gave me more minor "annoyances" than at any other country's checkpoints.

What does this have to say about my future travel and how I should plan for it?  Well, I fell that I should always keep aware of our country's political environment.  As much as Trump has betrayed the few GLBT's who supported him, he has not had that much effect on the GLBT's who travel around this country. We are an issue that (right now) is of no concern to the TSA. Even though they participate in "Security Theater", most actually want to keep America safe from real harm - and they do not see us as causing any problems.

Will I travel by air while en-femme?  If HWV wants me as a travel companion on a planned trip to Hawaii, then I'm game to try flying en-femme. If Lili decides to fly to Britain and cruise around England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic, I may be game - if I get word from people in these areas that I will be safe traveling en-femme. But if it means that I fly to areas that I consider unsafe, I will not do so.  We live in changing times, and the changes worry me a little.

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