Monday, July 24, 2017

Quickie: Dennis Miller's Rants

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Dennis Miller's Rants.  Although the book was published in the mid 1990's, most of his rants are still true today.

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What's so important about reading a book written over 20 years ago?  Well, one of the things that was reinforced for me is that history tends to echo from one generation to the next.  Things we complained about in the 1990's are still being complained about today. Humanity as a whole learns slowly, learns unevenly, and learns imperfectly.  Each generation has to relearn the lessons of its predecessors, and it takes many generations for collective wisdom to evolve.

Right now, we live in a very polarized society. This is not new. We complained about George Bush in the same way we now complain about Donald Trump. (Trump truly deserves his criticisms.)  Before that, we complained about Reagan, Nixon, and other presidents since John Adams took office. We will eventually recover from this disaster named Trump - we have recovered from much worse.

With this being said, it doesn't make me feel any easier. Our rights as transgender people are now under attack by the wingnuts of the GOP, and we can not afford to just ride things out.  The big question is: What can we do to minimize the damages caused by the GOP rank and file until sanity reigns again?  Hopefully, someone will have a good answer - and soon!

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