Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Missing Provincetown

Provincetown - I love the place, and I haven't been able to go there for several years.

- - - - - -

When I met my wife, one of the first places we went on vacation was to Cape Cod.  She told me stories about going there with her dad, some of which involved distant relations who lived in the Hyannis area.  Eventually, instead of spending time in Yarmouth, we finally took the plunge and started visiting Provincetown.  I have a lot of good memories of my wife in P'town, as well as several women I dated after she died.  These stories are not yet for public discussion, so I'll shift to talking about P'town.

- - - - - -

As most visitors to P'town know, it is a GLBT friendly place.  The locals enjoy the GLBT community because they bring much needed tourist dollars to the local economy. And over time, they have built social bridges which have given P'town its unique social flavor.  Artsy people visit the place, and establish roots.  One of these people live(d) in the house below.

The artist who lived here when this picture was taken was mostly known for a restaurant she once ran.  There was only one thing you couldn't get at the restaurant - and it was her.  (I'll let you figure out her name.  But you must give me an answer by next Thanksgiving.)

- - - - - -

My most recent visit to P'town was approximately 3-4 years ago for a half week visit to Fantasia Fair..  I met quite a few nice people during my stay there, and still communicate with several of them on a semi regular basis.  And this is where I'm a little sad.

One of the people I wanted to meet most went to Fantasia Fair this year, and I didn't have enough vacation time to even spend 3 days there. She's a great T-Gal, and I may have posted information about her, her wife, her ex-wife, and her estranged daughters. (I was careful NOT to supply enough information to make it possible to identify this person from my posts.)  We have a lot in common, and we'd be sure to get together if I made it to the Baltimore-Washington region.  But now, I can't justify a 3 day weekend trip to DC.

- - - - - -

Back to Fantasia Fair....

The last time I might have gone to P'town and Fantasia Fair was when my friend Barbara died.  She had cancer, and I wanted to visit shortly before she passed.  For one reason or another, it was impossible to visit.  But I was going to do an overnight visit, going to the Tuesday night Fantasia Fair gathering, and seeing my friend in Mashpee on the way home.  Everything was arranged (with special help from the organizers of the Fair), and I was ready to go. Sadly, my friend died first, negating the reason for the trip.

Hopefully, everyone who went to the Fair this year will have a great time.  I only wish I could have spent a couple of days there and had seen old friends.....

PS: The artist's name is Alice Brock.  (Does this ring a bell?)

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  1. Did you get to see Arlo Guthrie a few weeks back when he was at the Clearwater Festival in Croton? I had hoped to get there but could not and it was one of those hot and humid Hudson Valley days where it did get a T-storm or two.

    I spoke to a friend who went and he said Arlo was typically wonderful.