Thursday, July 6, 2017

Has anyone noticed something?

Note: Most of this post was written before Trump's victory.  Now, we're starting to see another rash of bad laws being proposed to fight problems that don't exist....

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Last year, it seemed like all the states of the former Confederacy were ready to pass laws to enforce discrimination against transgender folks.  With the most notable case of North Carolina, it seems like much of this attack against us was blunted.  Please note that I didn't say that the attack was halted. I only mean to say that the traditionalists have overplayed their hand - again!

Years ago, pro-choice advocates were willing to accept laws which allowed abortion only in the case of rape or incest. Pro-choice advocates got way more than they ever dreamed with Roe vs. Wade, and that was the match that ignited the modern cultural war.  It's hard to believe that the GOP was once a pro-choice party.  But political realities often do not make sense in the real world, or in history books.

Today, the traditionalists are making war against us.  But I've found from my experiences that the average person in the average "Blue State" has no problem with transgender folk. The average person knows that when we go to the bathroom, we sit down to pee, clean ourselves, and get out of the bathroom like any other person using the facility.

Sadly, traditionalists use fear to motivate people.  There is nothing like the fear of god's wrath to motivate some people to do things. And when "God's Will" is invoked, many people don't stop to think - where is this "messenger of god" coming from?  How can I be sure if he's really looking out for my interest?  Many of these ministers have gotten rich, powerful, or both at the expense of their flocks.  I can still remember the "Reverend Ike" openly preaching the Gospel of Mammon.  He used to talk about his $500 ($3000 in today's money) suits and brag that his parishioners paid for them.  I'll give him credit for not motivating people with fear, but with the idea that they too can be wealthy.  He was honest about being self serving, unlike many famous ministers who are preaching today.

I have a feeling that the bathroom bills were a way to motivate relatively dim witted people into showing political support in an election year.  By stirring up the base, cynical leaders would be able to get them to vote in the primaries.  And later on, these cynical leaders would fan the flames a little, and the same dullards would come back and vote the traditionalist party line.

Ah, what is it that they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men?"  Donald Trump showed that GOP loyalists would cheer for anything if said by a "strong" leader.  One of the last people he brought on stage at the GOP convention was a Gay person whop supported Trump. And Trump got the conventioneers to cheer when he ignored the traditionalist party line and spoke about GLBT people. No, I don't trust Trump to even give me the time. But he did expose how malleable the common folk in the GOP are.

Now I don't want to trash the entire GOP.  There are good, honest people in the party, many of whom are disgusted by the policies forced on them by the Wingnuts. What I'm curious to find out will be what happens to the GOP.  Will they become power hungry and ignore the people who voted them into power?   Who knows?  But what I've seen so far makes me question the intelligence of the American people.

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