Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dunkirk - A movie appropriate for our times.

Dunkirk - One of war's most successful retreats, and a lesson for the future.

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Today, I had one major thing on my agenda, and it was meeting up with GFJ and going out for dinner and a movie. Given that I planned to see "The Big Sick" with the Cat Lady tomorrow, I certainly couldn't choose that film for our day/evening together. So I chose this film, which, after seeing it, believe will get many Oscar nominations.

GFJ and I met at the theater, just as the trailers started playing. With a film expected to be very popular, they showed a larger than normal selection of trailers - many of them having similar themes. Sadly, there was none in the bunch which either of us would be interested in seeing when they come out. And then, the film began....

Throughout the film, GFJ and I were holding hands and enjoying each other's physical company. And then we went for dinner at the diner across the street.  Given how much over sauced food I've been having as of late, I opted for the broiled chicken - a wise choice. I mentioned yesterday's diner dinner to GFJ (leaving out the part about seeing RO, of course), and commented on the seafood bisque being served here and yesterday's lobster bisque served on Long Island. And I preferred the quality of today's meal much more than yesterday's meal - especially when GFJ paid for the meal as a belated birthday treat.

After dinner, she wanted to talk, and mentioned that she is still having issues with the potential of her family finding out about me and my transgender nature.  There is not much I can say, but I know that she may never be able to reconcile her feelings for me with the risk that certain family and friends could not deal with this knowledge. She is glad that I am getting voice lessons at Mercy College, as she knows how much perfecting my feminine image means to me.  So I keep my mouth shut about what's been happening with the Cat Lady and the potential dates from Plenty of Fish, and let her think I am not actively pursuing romance.

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Regarding romance.... With one exception, I have not had any dates with any of the ladies from POF.  For the most part, I don't have the time or the inclination. But I think that many ladies my age are jumping at the chance to link up with the first tolerable man that comes their way.  Can I blame them?  No. Demographics works against women of my age, and if I were a cisgender woman in today's dating pool, I'd be pursuing men with the same strategy. But I am transgender, and I have to use a very different strategy to have romance....

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