Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cruise Day 4 : Saint John, NB

Saint John, New Brunswick - Home to the Reversing Falls.  Years ago, I was here on vacation with family, and the then river pollution made it easier to see how the direction of the water changed when the Bay of Fundy tide came in.  Today, the water is much, much cleaner, and I ended up spending part of the day while Lili looked for her Canadian tea.

- - - - - -

Again, Lili and I arose with the sun, and were off the ship well before lunch. And again, she ignored my knowledge, my memory of how to find the places that sold her the tea she wanted on our last visit to this city. 

I should have told Lili to do her search for tea on her own, as she kept asking everyone for information every few feet and getting nowhere. Eventually, we found the "General Store" from where she got the tea on our last visit, but she didn't want the small size boxes available there. So it was off to the central market for more shopping.

This is Lili in the dress she stated she didn't want to buy, but bought to shut me up. After a day out in this dress, she felt comfortable wearing it, and planned to wear it again when her boyfriend picks us up at the end of the cruise.

Finally, after a taxing uphill walk, we made it to the Central Market - where Lili could only find one large box of Tea. This was not going to be enough, so Lili decided to take a cab to the local supermarket where she knew she would be find all the boxes she needed. I decided NOT to join her, and decided to visit the Police Museum instead.

There isn't much to this museum. Once you step into it, you'll find a bunch of police uniforms, some artifacts, and some photos. But I did have a nice conversation with one of its volunteer docents. And this made the visit worth the time I spent there.  And then, it was on to the ship.

Lili did find her boxes of tea, and likely spent about $100 trying to get this tea.  At least, she was happy. But she was about to lose more real estate in her one piece of luggage - something that would bother her when leaving the ship later on in the week.



  1. I really like Lili's dress. Good choice. And your pix in general give a really good insight into the local "flavor."

  2. Mandy -

    St. John is a very small city - less than 250,000 people. It is more than a third of the province's population in a very small area. I wouldn't want to live there. Halifax is more urban.