Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cruise Day 2 : At Sea

At Sea - another phrase for being confined to the cruise ship, and being stuck with the entertainment found on board the vessel.

- - - - - -

If I were at home today, I would very likely have gone to the local church. Instead, I woke with the sun, and kept myself occupied by reading an e-book I had the mind to put on the iPad before the cruise.

When Lili was ready to be awakened, I decided to take my daily shower. Unfortunately, I had a little trouble with the temperature control and took a quick shower in cool water. Lili was next, and she had no problems.  It seemed as if I were trying to turn the handle the wrong way, and forgetting to depress the button that would allow me to mix hot water with the cold coming out of the shower head.

- - - - - -

Later on in the day, I made my first visit to the hot tub. Not many people were using it, but I made sure to get a good, long soak. This was the reason for which I bought the swimsuit, and I was glad I finally used it for its intended purpose where I originally planned to use it.

- - - - - -

Lili noted that my feminine voice is getting better, and will have a lot of practice while on this cruise. She's also glad that I will be getting voice lessons from a speech therapist (in training) when I return from the cruise. 


  1. Nice swimsuit. That's something I probably will never own!

  2. Mandy -

    One never knows....

    I felt much more comfortable in it than a man's swimsuit.

    Go figure.