Saturday, July 22, 2017

An interesting weekend that started en-femme

This weekend started off with the following on my schedule:
  1. Friday: Seeing my niece (and her boyfriend) at the Neue Gallerie in NYC.
  2. Saturday: Seeing the Cat Lady for dinner in NJ
  3. Sunday: Going to a Meetup in Rosendale, NY with GFJ.
It was going to be a busy weekend, and only one of these days I'd be able to spend as Marian

- - - - -             - - - - - -            - - - - - -

Friday started with me waking to the sounds of rain outside. I don't like going out in the rain, as I spent many a day outside riding an overloaded bicycle and delivering papers in the rain. This was always an unpleasant task in bad weather, and it was much worse when I had to collect money from the customers. Thankfully, these are all memories now, and things I never want to relive.Hearing the rain, I was slow to get moving, and I didn't get out of bed until a little before 10 am. And then, even when I was moving, I didn't do much until 11:30, when I realized that I shold put in some volunteer work at the GLBT center before trekking into NYC to see my niece.

When I got to the GLBT center, I ended up not doing that much work.  Instead, I donated a couple of suitcases, and sweaters to their thrift shop for later sale. And then I got to work, plugging a computer back in and getting it working for the next employee to whom it will be assigned (This was a no brainer for me, though I did take advantage of female privilege by asking a fellow to plug the phone back into a socket I couldn't reach.) Most of the time I spent there, I chatted with a woman with whom I developed a certain rapport. She invited me to the center's book club. And later, I said that I would love to meet her spouse one day.  As Rick Blaine (Bogie's character in "Casablanca") might put it: "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

- - - - - -

Leaving the GLBT center, I knew that I didn't have that much time to get to Pelham to make a 4:05 train. Traffic flow worked in my favor, and I was able to park a block away from the train station - giving me about 10 minutes to make the train once I parked.   While on the train, I exchanged a few messages with Joanie, and we agreed to meet at her mom's nursing home in 3 weeks. It's been a long while since I've had the chance to see Joanie, so finding a time where the two of us can be in the same place seems like a miracle. And I will finally get the chance to talk about being transgender and what my "plans" are for the future.

Even with a little delay getting into Grand Central, I made it to the dining area before 5:00, and had a leisurely light meal before taking the bus to the Neue Gallerie. As usual, I was at the museum before my niece, and was waiting a few minutes for her and her boyfriend to arrive.  When they arrived, I immediately saw what my brother did in this man.  He is intelligent, well spoken and seems to be a responsible person.  I could see the chemistry these two young adults have, and my niece could do worse than staying with this man.  Soon afterwards, we entered the museum, and proceeded to see the works of art I wanted to see: Klimt, Klimt, and more Klimt. Need I say more?  My niece and her boyfriend were stunned by the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer - I (a.k.a.: "The Woman in Gold"), and the boyfriend thanked me for including them on this trek into NYC.

- - - - - -

Once done at the museum, we took a bus downtown, then walked over to Tipsy Scoop - where we feasted on booze infused ice cream.  YUM!  While we were eating the ice cream, the heavens opened up, and we finished our treat under an awning while the rains came down.

After we were done, we walked back to Grand Central (with a stop at Starbucks along the way). Arriving there, I bid my niece and her boyfriend goodbye - but not until I got a picture of the two of us together. Shortly afterward, I got on the train - and off at Pelham. As I got off the train, the heavens opened up again and I was wet by the time I made it to my car. Luckily, I wasn't dripping wet, and was able to dry off by the time I made it home for the night.

- - - - - -           - - - - - -            - - - - - -

After a lot of walking around on Friday,  Saturday came with me being in the mood to take every device trying to wake me up at 9 am, and throw them all across the room.  For the next two days, my plans called for me to be in Mario Mode.

As much as I could have been doing things before seeing the Cat Lady, I put off chores such as laundry, so that I could stay comfortable as long as possible. But I eventually had to get moving, and out the door I went around 5 pm, so that I could make it to her place on time. On the way there, I had a nice chat with GFJ, albeit, saying that I was driving to a FFGoW meetup - which I originally planned to attend until the Cat Lady signaled that she'd like to see me. 

I was a little bit early when I arrived, so I killed a few minutes before pulling into the Cat Lady's driveway. And then we were off to a new restaurant. As we entered the place, I had a bad feeling about things, as the noise level made it hard to talk.  Although we were quickly seated, it took a long while to get water service, and even longer to get our orders taken. There were other things about this place that were turn offs, and both of us wanted to get out as soon as we finished dinner, so that we could have our dessert elsewhere,

Lili thinks that the Cat Lady may be a little nervous with me, as her chat style makes it hard to break in, and that she may be trying to avoid uncomfortable silences. I don't know for sure, but it takes me a long while to get comfortable and in sync with the Cat Lady. Contrast this with GFJ's style, and one can see why I enjoy hanging out with her - even though we don't have that many common interests. On the way to the ice cream stand for dessert, the Cat Lady's chat became easier for me to adjust to, and we enjoyed a nice chat. She asked me why Lili and I never hooked up, and I said it's related to our communication and thought styles. But I then said that it's because Lili is attracted to men of other races - her ex husband in Chinese, and her (on/off) boyfriend is black. Could my relationships with other women be making the Cat Lady a little nervous?  Who knows?

After we had our ice cream, I dropped the Cat Lady off and drove home. Around 2 am, GFJ texted me to tell me that she had a 104 degree fever.  I said it was hospital  temperature, and if the fever doesn't break quickly, that I would drive her to a hospital. (Could you imagine me driving up to the Catskills late at night and without sleep?)  So I told her to call me if she needs to go to the hospital, then tried to fall asleep.

- - - - - -            - - - - - -            - - - - - -

Sunday morning came, and I was glad not to have gotten a call from GFJ. Somehow, I got a milder form of GI Tract problems that I suffered the previous weekend.  From 5 am to 11 am, I was visiting the porcelain throne to expel the contents of my GI tract.  AARGH.  At this point, there was no way that I'd be going back to the Cat Lady's place (I had an invitation, as I no longer had a Rosendale Meetup scheduled), and there was no way that I was going to go out as Marian feeling the way I was in the morning.

Even though my symptoms were over with by noon for the most part, I figured the safest thing to do would be to stay inside.  I was in contact with the usual cast and crew, Lili, GFJ, and the Cat Lady. Yet, I laid on my bed sleeping, for the better part of the day.  Would I have liked to be doing something else?  Of course.  But it was much safer to be sick at home than to be sick in my car....


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