Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WDJ and Lili - A tale of two women

The above movie is on my bucket list of films to see when I am in the mood. Sophia Loren did a string of great performances in the early part of her career, and is still among the great actresses of our age. But this post has nothing to do with the above movie, save that my day involved two women who dealt with a health issue in similar ways, and couldn't be more different than nght and day.

- - - - - -

My day started with a phone call from Lili, asking about when we'd meet.  She had a therapy session around 2 pm, and wanted to see me for lunch.  I told her that she must be mistaken, but she said she had written the date down.  Since I had a lunch date with WDJ, I couldn't very well meet with Lili. So I apologized to Lili and said that I double booked the day. Surprisingly, Lili didn't mind too much - and we said we'd meet later in the week.

I was now free to meet with WDJ, so I got showered and dressed - and out the door about 1/2 hour late. The heavens started to close as I got to the diner, and saw WDJ waiting for me at the rear entrance. We went inside and enjoyed a nice meal. Then we decided to go to The Avenue to do some window shopping. There was nothing interesting to buy there, so it was off to our next stop - Catherine's. 

So, instead of crossing at the Beacon-Newburgh bridge, I figured that we could enjoy a nice drive up to the Mid-Hudson Bridge and come back along the East side of the Hudson. On the way up, we talked about some people in the Whine and Dine group, and how she doesn't want to hear about them again. Although I have different feelings about the group than she has, I can see how a slight from one person could cause her so much discomfort. And I agree with her to some extent about the Queen Bee of the group - she, and not the moderator of the group seems to be in charge. When we reached the bridge, there was a problem. There was an accident on the bridge, and traffic wasn't moving. So I made a command decision, and drove to Kingston to take a more Northerly crossing.

I haven't been on the stretch of Route 9W North of Poughkeepsie in months, so it was interesting to see the little things that have changed since my last visit. And it was even more interesting to come down the East side of the river on a road I've never driven before. River road may not have been the quickest way down to Poughkeepsie. But it was a very interesting change of pace from my usual route. Once in Poughkeepsie, we went into Catherine's, and I found a beautiful plum colored bra on clearance in my size. That garment jumped into my car after $25 being charged to my account. And then it was to Wappinger to visit Curvy Consignment Plus. 

Curvy Consignment Plus is getting a new name. They were not the first business to do business with this name, so they decided to change their name (albeit slowly) once they had no other reasonable choice. But nothing else had changed. In fact, there was a dress there that I could swear was there on my last visit some months ago. WDJ and the sales lady both said it looked good on me - so I bought it.  At this point, I knew my budget was shot. But I also knew that I had the proper clothes for my upcoming cruise.

- - - - - -

As I exited the place, I realized that I had totally forgotten the co-op board meeting we were having. So I texted HWV to let her know that I'd miss the meeting, and then dropped WDJ off at her car. At this point, I called Lili - and we arranged to meet for a Chinese dinner. While on the phone, Lili mentioned that she got the date for her therapy appointment wrong - and that meant that I got the date right earlier in the morning, and that she had made a mistake on her calendar.

Arriving at the restaurant, I found Lili waiting inside. Unlike our past visits, service was mediocre at best. What made things worse, I was misgendered three times - twice by the waiter and once (accidentally) by Lili. The only reason I might want to go back to the place is that good and tasty food is served at a reasonable price. But it is one of Lili's go-to places, so I will likely be there again in the future.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I chatted with GFJ - and she had a very busy day. I won't go into her affairs, but we are looking forward to getting together later in the week. It might be the last time we can get together this month, as she'll be going to Cleveland to help her son move into his new place, and I will be busy with other planned events.

Let's see what happens. I still want to see both RO and the Cat Lady before month end as well....

mediocre at best and I

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