Monday, June 26, 2017

Visiting Long Island for Father's Day

It's only fitting that when I saw my Dad today, that he was sitting in a chair.  He was never a man of great physical activity. And now that he's in the nursing home, he is being "forced" to walk, so that he preserves the practical use of his legs. As a benefit to us, strengthening his legs made it possible for my brother to take Dad out of the nursing home for the day and to celebrate the holiday with him in a non-sterile setting.

- - - - - -

As usual, I got up later than I would have liked. This meant that I got out the door at noon, giving me a 1:30 ETA on Long Island.  My brother called twice to find out where I was, and I told him that I hit nasty traffic going through the Bronx and later as I was on Long Island side roads. I didn't arrive at the family homestead until 2 pm.

I was surprised at my brother for taking Dad to the house. But my brother was proud of what we had accomplished, and wanted Dad to see the house one last time. While there, my brother mentioned that my niece and her boyfriend would be living there during the next 4 weeks, making sure that everything in the house worked properly before handing the house off to the new renters. It's obvious that my brother wanted to give the two "kids" their privacy. My niece and her boyfriend lived together for 6 months in London, and it wouldn't be right for them to have less privacy then they had in Europe. (I expect to meet the two kids as Marian in a little under 3 weeks, but that's my little secret with my niece.)

Next, it was off to my brother's place, where we took our time before eating dinner. My sister in law had hurt her back while opening a window, so she couldn't participate in the family festivities. Instead, my brother decided to order Italian takeout (we had already eaten some Pizza at the family homestead) in place of the dinner she wanted to cook. By the time we were done, it was 7 pm - and we didn't have enough time to eat the cheesecakes I bought before having to bring my Dad home. (I wasn't sure of how many of us there would be, so I erred on buying too much food than too little.  And I wish I could have taken one of those cheesecakes home.)  So, as my brother was bringing Dad to the car, I said my goodbyes and drove off to my home.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I hit the now usual excessive traffic. I've given up hope that I can make it home in the once usual 60 minutes, and girded myself for 45 minutes of traffic jams on a 2 hour ride from Long Island to Northern Westchester.  Shortly after I hit the highways, I called GFJ - and the line was busy. By the time I hit the Bronx, she called back - and found that she wasn't home yet.  On her way home from State College, PA (her stopping point last night), she decided to take a tour of some caves, and didn't get moving until 4 pm or so. By the time our chat ended, we were both close to our separate homes.

Arriving in town, I knew that I didn't have time to do any laundry. So I indulged myself at the local Carvel. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw at least 20 adults milling about on the parking lot's driveway as if it were not a place for cars. Why do I mention this? As Marian, I'd wonder what would I be wearing today, and most of the women were in skirts and dresses. And I would have been home in female presentation had I been out as such today. (And if I were out to my family, I know exactly the dress I would have been wearing.)

- - - - - -

When I finally got home, I read the following message from the Cat Lady:

Hope you enjoyed your day with your dad and traffic wasn't too bad. What dessert did you end up buying/making?

I was very tired and lazy today - no laundry at all this weekend! I just went to the grocery store and Ulta Beauty to get nail polish to paint the three toes the doctor's assistant removed varnish from. Talked to my U.K. friend for over an hour. My friend from work I hadn't heard from (whom I sent a card to) called to thank me for the cool, pop up card and apologize for being out of touch so long. I had the rest of the Chinese for dinner except for a few pieces Walter (her ailing cat) enjoyed. He and I had leftover pizza (warmed in oven) for lunch but he didn't eat much. Off to vet Friday.

When do you think you'll be in Paramus?

She knows that I live in both genders, and she has heard Lili say that Marian is much more fun to be with than Mario. I will likely be in Paramus tomorrow shopping for a new bra or two that will be with me on the cruise. Wouldn't you agree that she may be interested in meeting Marian for at least a cup of coffee or a bite to eat?


  1. Whe we lived in central Nassau and were house hunting in the town of Cortlandt back in the mid 80s we counted on a 60-65 minute drive. Now to do the same trip I give myself 1.5-2 hours.

  2. Pat -

    Sadly, that's the current reality. Long Island's roads are over crowded due to excess development combined with mediocre mass transit. Combine them with bridges under constant repair, and you have a recipe for a hellish trip from here to there.