Monday, June 12, 2017

The day started with a reminder of death, and got better from there.

I started the day by driving the funeral of Vicki's dad. Although I've driven the road many times before, It's been a while since I've took note of the temple. So I ended up using the GPS on my phone to find the place.  Funerals being what they are tend to be sad events, and I could tell that Vicki was affected very much by the finality of things. Her dad would have to live on in her memories, as those memories are there for her to cherish. Hearing Vicki speak about her dad made me wish I had gotten to know the man better. That can not happen anymore. And that is sad.

Once the funeral ended, I high tailed it to Long Island. Listening to the radio, I found out that the Northbound Hutchinson Parkway wasn't moving because of a truck that shouldn't have been on the road. However, the Southbound parkway was also jammed up by rubberneckers trying to get a glimpse of things. And I was able to get the above pictures as I passed the accident.

- - - - - - -

What surprised me most about today's driving was how relatively easy things were going for me. The Southbound trip was uneventful, and I made it to the house before I expected - even including time I took to pick up a T-Shirt I could sacrifice to paint, joint compound, or some other messy substance.

When I reached the house, I changed out of what I wore to the funeral, and got ready to get to work.  My brother came by, picked me up, and drove off to Home Depot for ceiling paint, door knobs, porcelain light fixtures, stair carpet treads, and a fire extinguisher. Our goal was to make the house ready to be rented, and this involved many safety related functions that the realtor told us to be concerned about.  And today, it was our time to make the house ready for an inspection coming up in a little over a week.

Returning from Home Depot, we began to work. While I sifted through a pile of mail addressed to my dad, my brother installed the stair carpet treads. I found a couple of bills that my brother had not counted on, and I made sure that he'd take the mail home and deal with issues I found in the pile. Once done with the mail, I went upstairs and replaced the locking door knobs with ones appropriate for bedrooms that wouldn't lock with a key. This way, one could get inside in case of an emergency without having to break down the door. And then we started painting.  Having just bought a gallon of paint, we were able to complete ceiling painting. But we didn't have enough paint for the walls - and that will cause us to spend another day painting the room.

- - - - - -

By the time 6 pm came, we were exhausted. So we went to pay a quick visit to my Dad before his dinner time.  While there, my brother started telling us about his plans to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. So I volunteered to bring one of the cars to the ending part of the hike - which just happens to be the Bear Mountain Inn.  I know this area well - but from the perspective of a driver.  My brother will gain the perspective of a hiker - something I once had over 35 years ago.

Sadly, the day had to end. And the traffic going home flowed as well as it did in the morning. So, instead of taking almost 2 hours to get home, I made it home in a little under 75 minutes. Not bad for a "Almost Summer" Sunday evening!


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