Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shopping with Lili

Lili is a wonderful person, but she can sure drive me crazy. Today was one of those days...

I had nothing else planned for the day, save for a shopping trip with Lili. I figured that it would take no longer than a couple of hours of active shopping to find a summer weight pair of trousers in white. However, it stretched past the three hour mark because of her lack of focus....

- - - - - -

Sometime around lunch time, Lili called to see what I was doing. Both of us were staying inside because of the heat, but I knew that she had to do some shopping before the cruise. I tried to get her to come to my house and then I'd drive to Jersey. (This would allow me to see if Catherine's still had a pretty bra I'd seen on clearance, and be able to buy it on this trip.) Lili considered this too much effort for her, so I humored her and said I'd come over later in the afternoon.

Once I got moving, I made it to her house between 4:30 and 5:00. From there, it was off to Danbury to pick her up. When I looked inside her car, I could see that it was in no shape to have passengers in it - she had not emptied out the car from her weekend selling costume jewelry. So I didn't mind much putting extra miles on my car that I didn't need to add to the odometer.

Compared to offerings in Newburgh, the Danbury branch of the Avenue had virtually no dresses that would fit Lili in her new, shrunken side. And the same could be said for Lane Bryant across the street. About the only thing she found in her visit to these two stores was a pair of white linen trousers which didn't fit "just right". However, I found two dresses that I might have liked to buy if I had holes in my wardrobe that they could fill.  But I couldn't justify buying the two dresses below to replace those I already had in my closet.

Of course, I think the violet patterned dress looked good on me, while Lili thought neither looked good on me. But then, Lili has a very different sense of style than I do, and if I had the money, I'd gravitate towards the Eileen Fisher look.

After we left the strip malls, we went to the Danbury Fair mall. And Lili wanted to see everything in Macy's, even though it was distracting her from her mission - the white trousers. We spent an hour in Macy's, and Lili started looking at every color pattern that remotely interested her - even though she was not going to buy much of anything that she'd shrink out of. She tried on a maxi dress that looked good on her, save for the unsightly lump on her back. Lili is developing a humped back, and needs to talk to her doctor about it ASAP. I made the mistake of mentioning the humped back, and she didn't end up buying the dress that she later said she liked. 

Sadly, I couldn't keep Lili focused on her task of buying the white trousers, so we wasted a lot of time while she got me wishing I were somewhere else. (It didn't help that I was getting hungry, and she ignored this the several times I mentioned this to her.)  Eventually, after stopping into the Loft, I let her wander through J.Jill while I exchanged a few texts with GFJ. And it was there, where Lili found her white trousers for $80.

I won't go into talking about a 9 pm dinner, and I won't go into our drive home - nothing noteworthy happened and nothing of note was said.  Lili was feeling a little better, and retail therapy helped her into a better mood.

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