Sunday, June 18, 2017

Quickie: Spam

SPAM - I like the product from Hormel.  It is tasty, and it goes well with eggs in the morning. However, I hate the kind of spam I receive on the internet.  Luckily, most internet providers are doing a decent job of filtering out the worst of these unwanted messages.

Occasionally, some of these messages get through the filters and get to my machine, where I manually delete them.  Never do I click on any of the links, as there is too much malware in circulation these days.  One spammer's email pretends to be from a group that you signed up for, and the unsubscribe links do not work. However, this spammer made a very big mistake - he uses the same physical address in every message. So I set my filters to search the message text for that address and delete the message if found.

Even this critter doesn't bother me as much as one spammer who has found my blog. Every so often, this person (using the screen name of "Blogger") uploads comments to this blog. I had to change the settings on this blog to prevent them from automatically being seen by my readers. However, this means that my readers have to wait for me to moderate comments before they can be read by the general public. This is annoying to say the least.

Considering the simple rules of computer hygiene that most people should follow, I wonder how these spammers stay in business. Distributors of malware know how to affect many of us - even if we follow common sense rules regarding computer use. But plain vanilla spammers are something else. They are the bottom link on the advertising food chain. And it's hard to respect anyone who has to use deceit to gain anyone's attention....

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