Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quickie: Grand Central

Almost every morning that I went to work in Downtown Manhattan, I saw this fellow and his dog in the approach to the Times Square shuttle.  He always seemed to be relatively clean, yet, he was often sitting on the floor with his dog. When I heard him speak, he certainly didn't sound like an intoxicated or drugged out bum. He never asked for money, and people always seemed to be talking to him.  Who is he? Why is he there? What could he be doing? 
The couple of times I've been to Grand Central lately, I haven't seen this fellow. So I wonder what he's been up to.  Did he find a permanent home? Did his undercover assignment end?  So many questions, and curiosity occasionally rears its ugly head.

I'm not about to ask this man anything if I see him again.  For all I know, he may be a plain clothes officer trying to blend into the landscape, being ready to deal with a problem caused by overcrowding at the staircase going to the shuttle platform.  If he is, I don't want to blow his cover.  And if he isn't, I likely would need to get somewhere, and can't afford to be late for anything if I can help it.

There are so many mysteries in New York, that no one can count them all.  Yet, when one is encountered, there is usually an interesting story behind it.


  1. Happy Thursday, Marian! FWIW, I like the dress that the woman in the background is wearing!