Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.  One of the two holidays on the American calendar that are related to our military.  The first, Memorial Day, is meant to honor the soldiers lost in battle. And the other, Veteran's Day, has evolved to honor all servicemen - living and dead.

- - - - - -

I couldn't get myself moving until the afternoon came. But when I did, I caught up on correspondence. One email was to WDS, keeping in touch and catching up on what is going on in our lives. The next was to Patty, to see how she was doing with the class assignments that were due on Wednesday. And the third was to the Cat Lady, as she still has a lot of questions related to me being transgender.

WDS and I exchanged a couple of messages during the day, and we did catch up on what has been going on. I have yet to tell him that I am transgender, and he was curious about my interest in painting (which I haven't done in a few years) and about my getting Project Management certification. Hopefully, we'll have more to say to each other, as it would be nice to be in more regular contact.

Patty, on the other hand, was playing catch up with her work for the class we were in. When I last exchanged emails with her, she had not gotten to take the post-test. Hopefully, she'll be interested in studying for the exam with me, as completing the course only meant that we have an idea of what we will have to know stone cold before we sit for the exam later this year.

The Cat Lady had a few more questions regarding my transgender nature, all of which I answered. Hopefully, she hasn't been scared off. When we were together the other day, she noted that she wouldn't mind shopping with me in Marian mode. So let's see what happens. It would be nice to have someone I could be with in either gender mode. Whether she'd be a good mate for me is something else - she does talk a hell of a lot, and one has to break into the chat to get a word in edgewise.

- - - - - -

Around 4 pm, I started getting ready to go out. I was a little worried that I might be too late to go to game day in Yonkers. But I needn't have done so. Things were still busy when I arrived at 6 pm.  While there, I exchanged a couple of messages with Vicki, and found out that her dad was being stepped down from a critical care unit to something less intensive. Of course, there was much more than enough food still on the table, and I was able to enjoy games, conversation, and food while I was there. We were going strong until 9 pm, and that's when everyone started leaving. It's a shame that I didn't arrive earlier. And yet, I'm glad that I got 3 hours in with good people.

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