Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Half and Half - A Day with two Vickies

I had two things planned for the day, and they required that I be in Marian mode for part of the day. First was a meeting at Arts Westchester that I totally forgot about, and then after a change of presentation, visiting Vicki's family as they sat Shiva for a day.

- - - - - -

When I got up, I forgot what day it was, and took my time getting ready for the day. I knew that I was going to go out en-femme for much of the day. And then I'd have to turn into Mario for the second half of the day. So it was a pleasant realization that Vicki #2 was free and that we could have lunch today.

It's been a while since I've seen Vicki, and we planned to meet at Aberdeen for Dim Sum. Unfortunately, she was having some work done in the house. So I ended up driving to her place for some Chinese Take-Out (which had just been delivered when I got there). We had a good chat, and I tried on a dress from Modcloth for which her wife was looking to place in a new home.  Vicki's wife has Amazonian proportions that make me look short. So the two dresses she had bought were a little too small on her. Unfortunately, the dresses were a size and a half too small for me, otherwise they'd have found a place in my closet.

Sadly, our time together was too short, and we both had to leave as things were warming up. (I'm a little bit "off" these days, and it's harder for me to be "in sync" with people - including my closest friends and family.) So Vicki went to pick up her son, while I went home to change.

- - - - - -

After a trip home to change into Mario mode, it was off to Hartsdale to pay my respects to Vicki's dad and the family.  Her dad lived in a nice condo development that one would never find by accident, as it was off the beaten path - even though it was very close to the main road. It took me a while to find parking, and I made it to the crowded top floor apartment. 

None in Vicki's family are orthodox. Although I recognized several unused Shiva boxes around the living room, this would be one of the very few clues around that indicated that this was a Jewish family. I said hello to Vicki, her husband, brother, nephew, and her dad's girlfriend. And then I got down to having an informal dinner of cold cut sandwiches. (I was hungry!)

With sandwich in hand, I got down to chatting with the people there, and had several extended conversations that made me wish I had met these people under other circumstances. Later in the evening, Vicki showed me around the apartment (which had not been remodeled or refurbished since her dad bought the place), and told me what the realtor said about what would be needed to sell the apartment:
  1. Do not renovate the Kitchen or Bathroom. Instead, clean these rooms up and repair all signs of water damage.
  2. Do not replace the carpet or linoleum. Instead, cover any worn out or stained spots with area rugs or furniture.
  3. Do not leave things of personal value in the apartment when it is being shown to prospective buyers. Instead, leave furniture in place, so that the place has a "lived in" feeling.
  4. Get the place clean, and keep it that way.
In short, the realtor was telling Vicki that they would not get any money out of renovating or rehabilitating the place. The next resident would very likely gut the kitchen and bathroom before living there, as the style of all the furnishings was very dated - and not very practical. Imagine complex kitchen cabinet handles affixed to the center of the doors, instead of the edge, and you'll get what I mean. Thinking of it, save for the color scheme, the place could have been decorated by Monte Hall.

When we got back to the living room from her apartment tour, Vicki offered me some of her father's books. I mentioned that I have a home for any books she has to give away - the GLBT center I volunteer at. Someone mentioned giving away her dad's clothes, and I said not my size. Then, Vicki made a comment that only she or her husband would get, recognizing that I'd have rather been there as Marian. (This is one of the times I didn't mind changing back to Mario for someone, as my presence was to support my friend in need, and not make a big thing about my presentation.)  I wish that I mentioned that the center would take almost anything (save furniture) as a donation. But I will do so the next time we're in contact.

It's going to be a hard time for Vicki, now that her father is gone.  Hopefully, the memories she has of him will always bring her comfort....

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