Monday, June 5, 2017

Going to Church - Again

If my mother weren't already dead, she'd drop dead in shock knowing that I occasionally go to church - as a traditional woman. No, it's not because I go out as a woman. It's because I'm going to church without being coerced. But unlike her, I appreciate things now that I couldn't appreciate as a little child.

- - - - - -

It's hard for me to get to church on Sundays. As you have already read in this blog, I tend to get up late - and find it hard to get moving early in the day.  So, when I went to bed last night, I set the alarms for 8:00 am - and felt it was a 50/50 chance that I'd get up and moving in time for a 10:00 am service. 

When the 8:00 am alarm went off, I stayed in bed for 15 minutes. But I was moving, in part because I had to relieve myself. So once I was out of bed, I decided to take my "morning" shower and see if I could make it to church. By the time I was ready, it was 9:30, and I was out of the apartment complex before my neighbor who also goes to the same church. 

This Sunday, I decided to enter the building from the back entrance - a seemingly more convoluted path, but one which is easier for someone using the upper parking lots. I won't bore you with the details of the church service - if you've been to services in a mainstream Christian church, you'll recognize all the details. But I will mention the social hour after the service. Today, they put out coffee, cookies and cakes - and it temporarily sated my stomach's growing hunger for a little while. While sipping my coffee, I socialized, and again, was told that they'd like to see me again. Sadly, this church, like many others, hungers for new members - especially younger members. One lady told me that when the kids get to high school/college age, that they tend to be losing them forever. And I noticed that there was only one child there, not enough for even a Sunday school.  If this is happening to the Episcopal churches now, I think it will happen to Catholic churches within a generation or so.

- - - - - -

Getting out of church, I checked my email. And I found that WPB is calling an impromptu meetup to have friends join her for dinner.  Since I have nothing to do later on, I figured that I'd go there and enjoy a nice conversation instead of being alone.

For the next few hours, I killed some time alone, then drove to Larchmont for dinner.  No one else signed up, so it was WPB (with friend) and myself for dinner. The three of us split dinner for two, and no one left this restaurant hungry.  Yes, I might have liked to have dessert, but....

- - - - - -

Later on in the evening, I decided to finally complete the "post-test" needed to get the final grade for the PMP Prep course. The first couple of times I started the test, I was flubbing questions and abandoned those attempts. But late in the night, I took the test a couple more times - and finally passed.

PS: The next afternoon, the class's teacher emailed me that I completed the course and that I could print out the certificate of completion.  The practice PMP Exam could be taken at my convenience....

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