Friday, June 16, 2017

Game Night, Window Shopping, and Weekend Planning

My plans for the next few days were already set in stone when I woke up this morning. Today, I had to go to the GLBT center and do some volunteer work. After having dinner, I'd go over to game night. Tomorrow, the car will be getting an oil change. Then I'll be driving up past New Paltz to see GFJ for dinner. Saturday is work on the family homestead with my brother. And finally, on Sunday, I'll be going into NYC with HWV to see "Twelve Angry Women". I won't have a break until Monday - and then I probably have other things that need to be taken care of promptly.

- - - - - -

I knew I couldn't dawdle much after I got moving. So I got showered, made up and dressed - and out the door I went.  Yes, I didn't make it to the GLBT Center until 3. But that was OK with me, as I knew that I'd put in a couple of hours and then be gone. This time went slowly for me, as I really wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. But I did what I was tasked to do before leaving for the day.

One of the things I had to take care of saddened me.  The church that owns the building that the GLBT center is in has a very good relationship with the GLBT center and shares a thrift shop with the GLBT center.  You couldn't ask for a better relationship between organizations. Recently, the church rented out space in a meeting hall in another side of the building to a small fundamentalist congregation. The GLBT center has a clause in the lease that prohibits anyone from the congregation from putting pamphlets on cars in the parking lot. Last week, at the end of the Pride festival, many people found pamphlets with hate propaganda stuck under their windshield wipers. This is disturbing to say the least!  The police were called, and people are looking for the person(s) who did this.

- - - - - -

When I was done with the GLBT center, it was off to Panera Bread for dinner. While in the area, I stopped by The Avenue and picked up several pairs of Size EE Control Top hosiery. (Yes, I am a large gal!)  I mentioned to the sales woman that this size is hard to find, and I could only find two pair in my size in Newburgh. She told me that there is a large demand for this size (no pun intended) and that they run out of stock quickly. The fact that I could only find four pairs of beige stockings in this size immediately after a shipment was proof of her statement.

Next, it was off to game night. For a change, I got there early, and only played one game. It was a little depressing not to have a full complement of people, as it would have been nice to have three or four people playing the game, instead of the two of us. When the game ended around 10 pm, I figured that I'd leave for home a little bit earlier than usual.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I firmed up plans to see GFJ tomorrow. I'll be driving up to Rosendale to see her for dinner, and then (possibly) see a movie. But I doubt she'll be asking me to stay the night. (I'm glad that I've opened things up for the Cat Lady. Although I'm not in a rush to have a new relationship, dating does take the edge off things a little.)  And even if she were to do so, I would not unless I could plan for it in advance. This is one weekend that even if I could have done this with GFJ, it would have been impossible because of plans on Long Island the following day.

Given our schedules, I doubt that GFJ and I will be able to get together again until July at best. And I am not planning my weekends around her anymore.  Why do I keep contact with her?  Maybe it's because I want someone I can talk with, someone who cares that I exist.  Who knows?  But I haven't had anything like what I want since my wife died - and I miss much of what I had with her.

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