Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back to being Mario for a day

My schedule for the day involved a date with the Cat Lady.  And tonight, it was BBQ Night. This meant that I had to stay in Mario mode for a day. Although I'd rather go out as Marian, being Mario has its advantages. One of them is not having to bother with makeup on a hot and humid day. It may not have been hot, but with an over 40% chance of rain, it was humid.

- - - - - -

Late last night, I had a rambling conversation with GFJ. No, we didn't discuss anything about out "relationship", but we did discuss the doings of the day. And she did like how Lili's daughter in law appeared in her wedding gown.  This meant that I delayed going to sleep for an extra couple of hours, taking away from the time I'd need in the morning if I wanted to do any laundry. I guess I'll end up doing that tomorrow sometime, as I got several loads waiting for me to take care of.

I was also supposed to take care of the post test to see how well I improved because of the PMP course, and I just couldn't focus this afternoon. So I left the test for the evening, knowing that I'd not be at my best.  At least, it looks as if I could take the test over if needed, and get a passing grade on a second go round. So it was off to New Jersey for BBQ dinner with the Cat Lady.  It feels strange to wear a pair of trousers again after a couple of days in dresses.

- - - - - -

Taking the long way to the Cat Lady's house, my timing was perfect - as I got there exactly at 6:00 pm as promised. We originally planned to eat BBQ, so we headed up to Suffern to eat at a local BBQ joint. Sadly, the place was way too crowded and way too noisy. So we ended up trekking back to our favorite German place for a 7:00 pm dinner.  On the way to the German place, we were talking about many things and the topic of transgender came up. She said something that indicated that it might be worth taking the chance to talk about this side of me - and I filed it away for later.

Dinner at the restaurant was good (as always), and we hemmed and hawed about going somewhere else for ice cream. Since there was one piece of strudel left, we ordered it with a scoop of ice cream, and enjoyed a dessert that sated our cravings for both apples and for vanilla ice cream. When we got back to her place, I told her about me being transgender, and it didn't bother her. I showed her pictures of myself, and we were talking about a lot of stuff while in her driveway.  Hopefully, I read her right, as I'd like to see her again as a friend.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I stopped at Walmart to look for a pair of cheap shoes to replace the once I would have been wearing tonight. It seems that the body of the shoe is separating from the sole (the glue is failing), and I could either repair it with Gorilla Glue, or replace the shoe. Replacement might be the best bet. But for now, I'll make do with a little bit of glue and see how long the fix lasts.

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