Friday, June 30, 2017

Anxiousness is catching up with me.

I'm a little anxious about taking my upcoming cruise. We now live with a Federal Government which is not friendly to the GLBT community. Because of this, I must anticipate possible problems when I present my paperwork to go on the cruise, and when I return from my cruise.  Hopefully, my concerns will not turn themselves into unpleasant realities. Only when I return from the cruise, will I be proven right or wrong in regard to my fears.

Today's post is in two parts: Thursday and Friday.  I figure that I'll write a thought piece or two before going back to my usual diary format posts. This way, I can explore a few ideas related to my life, and be more interesting when I get back to daily diary entries.

- - - - - -

Thursday was a day that I should have gotten out earlier and taken care of business. Yet, I took care of much of the business at hand: getting money from the bank, paying bills, and (finally!) getting my first Mani-Pedi of the year.

When I paid my bills, I was close to a number that I didn't want to drop through until next month. One of the bills I paid was for co-op maintenance - a bill for which I had accumulated a 1 month over payment credit. Since I didn't realize that I had this credit when I made this payment, I decided to withdraw my weekly cash from another bank where I didn't yet hit my self-imposed limit for monthly withdrawals and/or checks. Unfortunately, this bank doesn't have branches near me. So I tried withdrawing money from a cash machine at the local CVS, only to find out that the machine temporarily couldn't dispense cash. AARGH!

Next, it was off to the nail salon in Croton to get my Mani-Pedi. The lady running the place noted that I hadn't been there for a while, and was glad to see me again. I noted that I was working in the city last Summer, and was getting home too late to get my hands and feet done. It was a fortunate thing that I got there when I did. Shortly after I arrived, they had a full house, and had to tell customers to come back later. It was a good feeling to finally have my Mani-Pedi, and if I can get a full week in Marian Mode in the Summer, I will try to get a Mani-Pedi to look nice during that Summer week.

Once done at the salon, it was off to Yonkers.  YGM was hemming and hawing about going to the meetup, saying she left as a crazy lady way back when.  I said not to worry, "no one there thinks you were crazy."  While eating at Panera, she worried again, making a comment about bruises on her kids that they got from playing ina Central Park, NY playground. I told her to say that she took the kids into NYC, and while waiting for her husband to get out of class, had her kids play in rush hour traffic.  Well, YGM went to game night, and she was welcomed warmly.  Some friendships can be suspended for years, and then switched back on without having to be warmed up. YGM and our game night hostess have one of those friendships.

It was a nice evening, and I had a small glass of Portuguese fortified cherry wine that was brought in by one of our regulars.  YUM!   Then, we got down to gaming.  There was so much us 4 ladies had to catch up on, that this one evening wasn't enough for any of us. Luckily, I had the time to mention to the hostess that her idea of looking at Vassar for employment was good, and that I would soon look at Sarah Lawrence because it fits a similar demographic. She mentioned that she has contacts there, so I asked her to put in a call or two.  Hopefully, this will lead to something - if only a phone call....

All too soon, the evening had to end. And I finally took care of my cash withdrawal on the way home.  Hopefully, I won't need to drain my bank account as fast as I've done over the last few months, as I want to stretch out my savings as long as possible....

- - - - - -

Friday came, and I was awakened early, but still didn't stir much until noon. I knew that the most important thing on my to-do list was to finish packing my bags. But I couldn't muster the energy to do this until I had my breakfast. Given that I expect things will be like tomorrow morning, it made sense to go out to the store and have something I can prepare quickly - just in case Lili wants to get on the ship before lunch.

Although I didn't do much during the day, I did get on with my packing. For the most part, I had completed my packing Wednesday night. But I needed to take the time to fill in the minor gaps of what I needed and could easily forget.

If curiosity killed the cat, then the Cat Lady is showing the signs of illness.  Over the past few days, I have received the following questions about me as Marian.

What did u (as Marian) end up buying?

Who goes to game night - Marian ?

Have a wonderful trip!! Do men ever flirt with Marian?

Does Marian do any gambling?
There are more things we have talked about - but I can't find them today.  I hope I can introduce her to my Marian presentation soon.

- - - - - -

All too soon, I'll be on my cruise.  And I'll be posting entries about it when I get home. There will be things I need to take care of when I get back. Until then, there is nothing that I can't defer unless there is an emergency with my family on Long Island.


  1. Enjoy the cruise. I would now worry about anything changing because of the new administration. Relax and have a good time.
    I find the questions from Cat Lady to be a good sign that she is interested in finding out about Marian.

    1. Pat -

      It seems to take a while for the rules to change. And the folk at customs can't do much other than to hassle you. But I agree that this administration is an omen of ill things to come. So we will have to exercise our rights or else we may lose them....