Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another "Hot as Hell" day in NYC

As the expression goes, it feels hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.  And in this weather, part of me wanted to ditch afternoon plans to meet my niece and visit the Neue Gallerie to see a Klimt painting.

- - - - - -

As I was going to NYC, I received a text from my niece.  She read the website for the Neue Gallerie, and it said that the museum was closed today.  Given that it was already 97 degrees, hot and humid, in NYC, this bit of news gave us the excuse to postpone our museum visit yet again.  (The Museum Mile Festival website was down, so there was no way we could double check things today.  And I wasn't going to risk an extremely uncomfortable trip to NYC just to see a painting.)

- - - - - -

This gave me a free evening to play with. So I looked up the FFGoW meetup calendar and found a get together at a Larchmont Mexican restaurant. Unlike WPB's meetups, the hostess of this gathering wasn't there on time. So I ended up waiting at the bar for 30 minutes before the rest of the ladies started trickling in.

The first of these ladies, R, sat with me at the bar and the newly arriving ladies joined us there. Once we hit about 9 people, we moved over to the "high" tables (seat height was appropriate for bar stool seating) and continued our conversations.  Two sisters came in (one also named Marian), and I made chit-chat with 1 of the 2 sisters.  I was having a great time with the ladies, as I was able to chat with 3 separate groups of people during the meetup.

Sadly, the night had to end. And I took the long way home, stopping off in Yonkers, and then White Plains for "harmless" shopping at Christmas Tree shops.  Eventually, I made it home, and finally had the chance to remove my makeup....

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