Wednesday, June 28, 2017

An afternoon with YGM, and a Co-Op Board Meeting

YUM!  I always seem to be saying that when I am in a Greek Restaurant.  It's either a choice between Gyros or Souvlaki. For a change, I had a "Small" Greek Salad with Chicken.

- - - - - -

But first....

Today was a day that I had two things on my calendar. The first was lunch with YGM, followed by a Co-Op board meeting where we had to take care of some potentially troublesome business.  So, when I got up, the first thing I did was to contact YGM to make sure we were still on for the day.

We decided to eat lunch at Leftris in Tarrytown. I wasn't sure if YGM had ever eaten there before, but I knew we'd have a good meal there.  As I expected, she was a little late, not traveling through Westchester that often since her move to Connecticut. Once she arrived, we took a seat inside (where it was air conditioned), and got down to our conversation and a good meal. She ordered the Souvlaki, while I ordered the Greek Salad. Anyone who has been to this place knows that the "Small" salad is more than enough to feed two people. And I couldn't finish it all.

Once done with lunch, it was off to White Plains to see if we could find a few inexpensive, small thumb drives that she could use to carry her resume and hand it off to people with whom she may interview for work. She doesn't need much - maybe 1 GB at most, and this was a size too small and too expensive for stores like Walmart or Target to carry. So I told her to check out Micro Center in Yonkers, and see what is the cheapest thumb drive they will sell.

Sadly, witching hour came too early for both of us, and we had to part. She had to make it to Yonkers, so that her husband could drive into NYC for night classes, while I had to go home and change into Mario for my Co-Op board meeting.  At least, she will be down here more often, as it will be nice for her to be with her husband more often than she has been as of late.

- - - - - -

When I got home, I quickly changed back into Mario - and was sad.  As much as I am comfortable as Mario, I am much more comfortable being Marian. But it was just as well that I changed, as they didn't turn the A/C on for the co-op board meeting. At the beginning, it wasn't that bad - just mildly uncomfortable for me as Mario. Marian would have insisted that the A/C be on until the room was cool. And then we got down to business.

There were two issues (that I can't discuss here) which I knew were going to cause us trouble. One of them could affect the co-op as a whole, while the other could affect the board alone.  Neither issue resulted in a happy ending. Instead, they were omens of potentially ill things to come.

- - - - - -

The board meeting ended late, as I expected, and HWV and I hung out in the parking lot discussing things unrelated to the board. I told her about the status of the family homestead, my cruise, and my relationships - and we will try to get together towards Mid-July. And then it was back to my apartment, where I had a phone call to make to someone who contacted me from Plenty of Fish. We talked for a while, exchanged information, and will likely meet after my cruise and her trip to Germany.

By the time I was done, GFJ was already trying to go to sleep - and I had things to take care of.  I exchanged some texts with RO, and she liked the dress I'll be wearing on the cruise. We will try to get together when I return.  It'll be nice to do so.

- - - - - -

Tomorrow, I should be going to a PMI meeting. Assuming I do, I might have company on my trip in, as HWV may be going to a concert in the evening.  It should be an interesting trip in.

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