Friday, June 9, 2017

An afternoon with GFJ

Max's on Main in Beacon.  I hadn't been here since my days meeting up with WDJ and the Whine and Dine group. Now that I don't bother anymore with the W&D, and that WDJ looks like she'll be moving again, I will likely find myself rarely visiting this place. And this is a shame, as the fish dish above is quite tasty.

- - - - - -

Earlier in the week, WDJ and I had arranged to meet at Max's for a bite to eat, followed by a little walking in the Beacon area. Of course, that would mean that the two of us (separately) would have to wake up on time, get showered and dressed, and get out of the house in time to meet around 12:30 pm.  Since I usually will become conscious around 10, this is easy for me. But for her, well....

I started driving up to Max's around 12, and found out she was running late. So I took my time and stopped off to fill up my gas tank and pick up something to drink.  Since I now was running a little bit late, I texted her, and she said that she was a little late as well. I was a little surprised when she called to ask where I was... just as I was reaching the restaurant. I waved at her, and parked on the side. Lunch was nice, and I had the fish taco. However, some of the magic we normally have in conversation wasn't there. Was I glad to see her? Was I just going through the motions? Or, was I just warming up, after a long while of not seeing each other? I don't know, but it did get a little easier for me after lunch, when we decamped for a park on the banks of the Hudson River.

Eventually, we had to go our separate ways, and I figured that I'd get something cold and sweet at a local ice cream shop. While there, I struck up a conversation with two fellows who were transporting horses (I presume) from somewhere in the South to somewhere around here. There is not that much different between people save our tribal identification, and I stayed away from direct talk on that topic. But we did come to the topic of Marijuana legalization, and I mentioned that it will eventually happen because most Americans now support it. I mentioned that first, this administration had to go, as the Attorney General was making the false claim that pot was as bad as heroin and trying to stifle legitimate medicinal research using cannabis. Then I mentioned why this administration had to go in terms that a conservative could accept - that this clown was in bed with the Russians, and that I would prefer a competent conservative to a liar that no one in his own party likes or believes. Even they agreed that ALL the bums should be thrown out. So there is hope yet for this country, if only because people know that government isn't working, and want it fixed....

- - - - - -

Since tonight's game night was cancelled, I figured that I'd go home and rest. And it was the best thing I could do after being in the sun much longer than I have in a long time.

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