Thursday, June 15, 2017

A day at home

This is only one of the bookcases in my apartment. If you were to look closer, you'd find books on many topics, including "Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors". (Caligula and Nero sure knew how to party! 😈)  But most of the books you'd find are on non-controversial topics, including the construction of the NYC Water Tunnels.  The apartment is a cluttered mess, and this might be one of the few shots that disguise the extent of that mess.

- - - - - - 

As of late, I've found that I have little energy when I wake up. But I think that is related to poor habits, as I'm doing nothing to live within a set of normal circadian rhythms. I keep doing things (such as eating late at night) that confuses my body clock, and reinforcing my disrupted cycles. Sooner or later, I'll have to deal with the messes in my life. But for now, I'm attacking things one at a time, to make the little improvements that will make my life a lit better.

- - - - - -

Today, I didn't bother getting dressed or going out of the house. It was a jammie day. And the only person I had contact with was Lili - who wanted to tell me about the following goodies we'll get on the upcoming cruise:
  1. We get one free laundry service. (I just don't want to mix our things.) 
  2. Two bottles of water (I'll still need to ask for my distilled water.) 
  3. Two meals in specialty restaurants. (Too bad Lili can't enjoy a full meal these days.) 
  4. 25% off photos. (That works for me.) 
  5. 25% off spa treatments while in port.  (They are overpriced anyway) 
  6. 100 internet minutes. (That helps a little.) 
  7. Chocolate covered strawberries. (Yum!)
  8. A few other things not worthy of mentioning. (Nice touches, but minor.)
She also noted that we are on the 8th floor but over the theater .  I can live with this, as the theater is only busy until 11 pm. And I have no problems putting headphones on and listening to music until the shows are over.

- - - - - -

The cruise will be a much needed break from routine. And today's day at home told me that I need to develop new and healthy routines - both as Marian and as Mario. It's nice to go window shopping as Marian, but I can't afford not to be out as Mario. Looking at Lili, she is still unhappy, now that she has dumped her latest boyfriend - again. She has little in her life to make her happy. As for me, I enjoy socialization, but have found that I have become too inactive sitting around the house. This is where I give GFJ a lot of credit - she found many new things to do when she broke up with her Wasband. And hers is the model I need to follow and improve upon - no matter which woman I end up with (or not end up with).

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