Thursday, May 4, 2017

Two small non-profits with two very different styles of doing business.

I've been working with NPW on-and-off for almost 2 years. And I realize that if I weren't doing the tricky computer work, nothing would have gotten done.  This differs greatly from what has happened with the GLBT Center, as they just needed staff interested in working on the project to get and keep it moving.  Both ways work, But I feel I am more appreciated at NPW, as the GLBT has extra staff which can be deployed to their project that NPW simply doesn't have.

In both places, I am known as Marian, and treated with respect.  The difference between NPW and the GLBT Center is that I feel I am trusted more at NPW.  Given that I was bonded when I worked for the bank, I figure that I am a reasonable risk for a small non profit to trust with the keys to their web site.  This is not a knock against the GLBT center.  Instead, it is a comment on the trust I'm given at the smaller non profit.

- - - - - -

There are many platforms that the two non profits had to choose from, and the prices vary greatly based on many factors, one of which is the size of the contact user base. I figure that quite a few non profits could use someone like me on call, but not for a salary or fee. This is OK with me, as I am not out to make money from helping others.  My goal is to increase awareness of my "brand" and hope that someone hears about me and wants to give me a small job to pay some bills.

Working full time as Marian is something I'd really like to do, even with all the headaches involved in being en-femme during the week.  Friends and acquaintances have said that I'm always "well put together" when en-femme, and am always appropriately dressed for a female. But to do this, it would likely take an extra 30+ minutes each morning, as I'd have to make sure I'm properly shaved and made up before getting dressed (including the wearing of stockings).  Since I feel much better when en-femme, this would not be something I'd complain about.

- - - - - -

When I was part of a group that made a presentation on being transgender at the local college, the people sponsoring the group mentioned that I should look into academia, as they would be much more receptive to hiring a transgender person.  And that's something I intend to do if I give up on working as a project manager. Who knows how soon I may decide to do this?

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