Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two days, mostly en-femme.

If it weren't for a co-op board meeting on Tuesday, I wouldn't be getting into a pair of pants until this coming weekend. And given that I wanted to write about the loss of a parent yesterday, I figured that a two-day post made perfect sense for today.

- - - - - -

Monday was a relatively quiet day. But yet, I was disturbed by two very different things. The first disturbance was the ringing of the telephone around 11 am or so.  My cleaning lady was in Westchester for another client, and wanted to find out if she could come over today. Normally, I'd be a little unhappy with her coming on a Monday, but after 6 weeks, it was time to have her come over for her monthly visit. Of course, if I intend to go out as Marian on a day that the cleaning lady visits, I have to get everything out of the way before she comes. And that meant I would have to put away all of Marian's accessories, her makeup kit, etc. in the 2 hours between her call and her visit.

But this left me with the question. Where do I go?

Since I had nowhere I really needed to go, I figured that I'd do some window shopping. I could use a new bra, and I knew that Catherine's had to be among my destinations. But I also wanted to see DD at the Avenue, as I heard that she would become the grandmother of a second child in the Fall. Instead of driving to Paramus, I decided to drive to Poughkeepsie and Newburgh to accomplish my window shopping goals.

My first stop was Catherine's, where one of the sales ladies knew me by name. (I guess I must have made some impression on her on my last visit.) They did not have the bra I wanted at the price I wanted to spend. So it was off to the Avenue, where I finally connected with DD. The weather and her other job had gotten the best out of her before I arrived, but we had the chance to talk a bit. When I mentioned her grandchild to be, she perked up - and later invited me to a baby shower to be held in August.

At this point, it was getting late and it was time to go home. For some reason, I needed to rest, and I fell out for most of the evening, waking up around 11 pm. And then I read in a text about the second disturbing thing - Ex-GF-M just got laid off without warning. She had worked her ass off for the school, and was let go the week after being awarded her doctorate. As much as I think they held off dismissing her until she received the doctorate, I also think that they may have factored into their decision the days where she might have been working at home, taking care of the needs of an aged Mother in Law. Yet, for all I know, they could have gotten a little upset at the way she handled organizational property. She treated her department's laptop computer as if it were her own, and it rarely saw the sights found on campus. (I wonder if she was able to get her stuff off the computer and one to one of her own before she gave it back.)

I will admit that I would have liked to have had lunch with her, and then go into the office and see if one person would recognize me as Marian. But this will not happen. Yet, I will keep in touch with Ex-GF-M, even though she can not help me the way I wanted from her school's career services department.

- - - - - -

Tuesday was going to be a relatively busy day. First, I had scheduled a lunch time appointment over at NPW to touch base on the web site update (no progress). And, later on, I had a regularly scheduled co-op board meeting to attend.

By the time I got moving in the morning, I was already running late for a lunch time appointment at NPW. Yet, I was there early enough to say I was there for lunch hour. The new office is a very different environment from the former space. The old office space was dedicated to back office functions of the non-profit donating space to NPW and its work. The new office space was dedicated to front office functions - in this case, the treatment of patients. So NPW's office was sited behind a locked door guarded by a receptionist. It won't be as pleasant visiting the new site as it was for the old site, as I hate having "gate keepers" get in the way of me getting things done.

On the way home from NPW, Lili called and asked me if I wanted to go on her cruise. I gave her a tentative "Yes", but had to see if I could deal with missing one speech therapy session and finding a way to schedule it for another date. Arriving home, I found some paperwork from the center, and figured this would be the perfect time to discuss my single session problem. So I sent out an email before changing into Mario, and then walked next door for the official co-op board meeting with sublet applicants and the managing agent. Although I can't go into any details, I can say that we accomplished some things that have been needed for a while.

After the meeting, I made sure to have a chat with HWV to discuss my concerns about the meeting. She had similar views to mine, and appreciated me steering the direction of our board's conversation back to where she wanted it to head. HWA wasn't picking up on what we were trying to do. But this is what happens when someone isn't politically savvy. (Heck, I've been there often enough. As they say, it takes one to know one.) At least she won't be in a position to accidentally muck up what HWV is trying to do for the co-op.

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