Monday, May 8, 2017

Sunday - Just another day without a plan.

Retail therapy beckoned me, and I ended up buying the dress after all.  

- - - - - -

At 8:00 am, my alarms brought me into semi-consciousness and it took me two hours or so to get moving. But once I got moving, I started to do something I've been putting off for a while - cleaning out the area near my dining room table.

Behind the table,hidden from view, are three suitcases (29", 27", and 20"), and a large garment bag. I only need one large suitcase, and I will get rid of the heavy one because of current airline practices regarding overweight bags. From under the table, I am giving away about 15 men's dress shirts that I no longer wear and that no longer fit me. Even if I lose the weight I gained since I wore these shirts regularly, I no longer have need of them as most places are "business casual" now. And, if I'm really lucky, I'll find work as Marian, and no longer need to use my male wardrobe on a regular basis.

Also hidden in the above picture are several cast iron skillets, a hand blender, and a full set of 1970's Pan-Am Airlines 1st class dinnerware. This is stuff that I have no plans to give away, although I might get rid of both the Pan-Am dinnerware and some American Airlines dinnerware I have in another cabinet. There is a lot of clutter around this table, and I'd like to clean it up before air conditioning season starts.

- - - - - -

When I was done with the table (for now), I decided to get dressed and go out as Marian. There were several phone calls I had to make, and one of them was to Pat.  She wasn't home. I didn't want to see Lili while she was with her boyfriend, so I decided to head North and make a decision about buying the dress. On the way North, I had a chat with GFJ, and when she realized that I was in Marian mode, passed on a chance of meeting me for a bite to eat. (I wasn't going to suggest getting together, as I know that she has issues with me as Marian.) This triggered a decision to stay on my side of the river and avid the possibility of meeting up with her in Marian mode.

I ended up at Catherine's, and tried on the dress one last time. I'm glad that I won't be wearing any of the undergarments I was wearing today with this dress, as dark underwear won't look good under a white dress. As I was paying for the dress, the saleslady and I got into a chat about the dress. She doesn't wear white, as she knows it will get dirty quickly. Although I know that too, I want something bright for the summer.  

Of course, I wanted to call Lili back and tell her that I was right about buying the dress later on in the week. I didn't do so, as I didn't want to let her know that I wasn't in the mood to see her today. But I think she'd be proud of me, as I was able to buy the dress for $40 less than I could have bought it earlier in the week. Hopefully, there will be a nice warm day soon, so that I can surprise Lili by wearing it to see her.



  1. That is a great dress but it once again points to the fact that in dressing as a woman care must be taken to coordinate the dress with your undergarments. This is never an issue in guy mode.

  2. So true - I made sure that I had enough beige and white undergarments in my dresser to get away with wearing that dress.

  3. Looks very nice. Good choice!