Sunday, May 14, 2017

Quickie: Sheetrock Saturday

We had two areas of the family homestead that needed sheetrock before we could get the final permit needed to rent out the house. The first was an unfinished room upstairs, and the second was the space above the furnace. This week, we tackled the upstairs zone.

My brother had already bought extra sheetrock, figuring that he'd gussy up part of the basement area (near the washing machine and dryer, and on a divider separating one side of the basement from the other.) So, we had enough extra pieces lying around to take care of the upstairs zone - as soon as I arrived.  This time down, the trip was relatively pleasant.  I hit no traffic jams, and I was able to be in the area about 30 minutes earlier than usual. However, I didn't want to rush my brother, so I killed time at a nearby book store. 

When I finally reached the family home, my brother got delayed a few minutes by a fire call. (He is a volunteer fireman.) But once he arrived, we got to work, and were able to get 90% of the upstairs sheetrock done by 3:30 pm. After a break for food, we went back to the house and took care of one small unfinished wall before calling it a day around 5:00 pm.

Driving home was a big pain. The Cross Island Parkway was down to one Northbound lane going to the bridges, and the bridges weren't any better. It seems that on the Whitestone (and possibly the Throggs Neck), they took several lanes of the toll collection approach out of service to prepare for cashless toll collection. One problem - This fouls up all traffic trying to leave Long Island for the mainland.

Unfortunately, I'll have to make this trip again next weekend. Hopefully, it'll be the last time I do so while construction is going on.


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