Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Quickie: Politics - It's amazing what is going on.

One thing I know about political surveys - they can be error prone, especially when predicting the results of a presidential election. Sometimes, it can be of value to participate in one, even when you know you are one voice of many - you might be able to affect the views of people paying for the survey.

Recently, our lowly esteemed president fired the head of the FBI. This is the very government agency that is doing an investigation on the "possible" coordination of the Trump 2016 campaign's actions with the wishes of the Russian government.  Does anyone seriously believe that Comey's replacement will not have pledged loyalty to Trump over that to his country?

The above and many other issues that arose during the Trump presidency so far affected my responses to a robotic political survey. Although I am a registered Republican, I haven't voted for any member of the GOP in ages, as they have let the wing nuts gain control of the party. Since I didn't know who was paying for this survey, I made sure to answer as I were a Republican who holds Richard Nixon and Benedict Arnold in higher esteem than the current president.

This survey was relatively thorough. It wanted to find out whether one had any "buyer's remorse" for voting Trump over Hillary. It also tested to find out whether one felt that Richard Nixon was more honorable than Trump. And it even tested whether Trump (and his administration) could be counted on to tell the truth. From what I can tell, the survey was designed to collect information needed to determine whether the GOP will win or lose seats in the 2018 election due to Trump's presidency.

The one question that bothered me was related to VP Pence, as the survey asked whether I thought he'd make a better president than Trump. So far, Trump has mouthed a lot of things that could hurt the GLBT community. But he has had little effect on things so far, having not repealed Obama's executive order preventing discrimination against Gays in the federal workforce. Trump is smart enough to know that being Gay should not be a reason to discriminate against anyone. Pence, on the other hand, would pass laws that restore anti-Gay discrimination, as well as continue with the GOP's march to the 1950's.

Which person would be worse for the country as President?  To me, as a transgender person, Pence would do more damage to things I want to preserve. Yet, Trump would do more damage to this country as a whole. This is not a choice I want to make.

All I can hope is that the Democrats can hold off the worst until 2019, when (I hope) that they retake control of one of the legislative chambers of our government. This will allow for some checking and balancing of power - something urgently needed today. Keep your fingers crossed.

PS: You might like this article on how to use the word "Fuck".  We'll need to use this word quite a bit in the next few months.

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