Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quickie: Dinner with the Cat Lady

This was the first of two Mario Mode days. And I didn't do much until I got ready for seeing the Cat Lady.  (I should call her something else. But I'll change the reference for simplicity only if she gets to the state of being a girlfriend.)

- - - - - -

GFJ was at her Mom's, being there for her as she was being admitted to the rehab care facility at the other side of her assisted living complex. Of course, she stayed until mid afternoon before taking the trip out to see her son in Pennsylvania. I knew that I had to control whether my phone would ring or not when I was with the Cat Lady. So, on the way over to New Jersey, I chatted with GFJ while she was driving to State College. I figured that she'd be talked out for the day - and I was almost right. But I had to end the call as I was reaching the Cat Lady's house.

The Cat Lady was running later than expected, as she had massive traffic jams to deal with on her way home from work.  Elizabeth NJ to Bergen County is a nasty commute during early rush hour, and the drive took twice as long as she planned for. So we went to the restaurant a little later than expected. But the restaurant was well worth it. She had Chicken Piccata, while I had Seafood over Linguine in a Vodka sauce. Both were yummy. (Note for purists: Vodka sauce overpowers the taste of the seafood, and could be used to hide the taste of day old seafood.)  Instead of having dessert at the restaurant, we decided to go elsewhere - and have some ice cream.  Although there was a 30 minute line to get in the door, it was worth the effort to get some great ice cream. 

I could mention our conversations, but the Cat Lady was set off by problems from her ex and was venting a little about both the ex and about problems on the job. Like GFJ, she has a potentially precarious financial position. But she has a job that can pay "real money". I guess that this will be part of the compromises I'll have to deal with if I want to live with someone again.

All too soon, the Cat Lady was fading. So I took her home. When I got home, it was another call from GFJ as she was reaching her son's place after a long nap on the way there. Hopefully, she'll enjoy a good weekend there....

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