Saturday, May 13, 2017

Chinese Dinner with the FFGoW's

I couldn't find a good enough picture online to give you an idea what Tasty House was like. But I can say that their food can be very delicate, and their decor is fitting for a place in which one would casually gather with friends.

- - - - - -

As usual, I needed multiple alarms to rouse me from blissful slumber this morning. I must have a mild bug, as I've had a nasty back drip that is causing me me to cough and my nose feels like it wants to run the 4 minute mile. So I had little energy to spend on things like study for class.

Once fully awake, I reached out to my niece and postponed our trip into NYC to the Neue Gallerie. We have postponed this meeting for another month, and I hope the weather will be cool enough then for me to meet her in Marian mode. And then, I proceeded to spend time in my bed until I was about to get ready to meet the FFGoW's at Tasty House.  (I won't discuss the call I had with WDJ here. She's a little frustrated by things going on in her life, and I had no idea of how to help her other than to listen to her for a while.)

I'm glad I allowed extra time to get ready. DCD called me just as I was about to take my shower, and we were on the phone while he told me about the games his ex has been playing post divorce, such as having her brother in law (a NYC cop) trigger "wellness" inspections (by the Danbury police) in order to make it impossible to maintain joint custody of their children. (According to DCD, the Danbury police are getting tired of this, as they have been finding nothing is amiss with DCD.) Of course, DCD, being the obsessive person that he is, was able to reach the NYPD's internal affairs division to inform them that the former brother in law was abusing his authority as a cop - and this caused the ex brother in law a couple of problems....

After my call with DCD ended, I was able to get showered, made up, and dressed - and was able to get to the restaurant by 6:30 pm.  Half of the ladies didn't make it, as much of Westchester was under a flash flood warning - and they didn't want to risk driving in bad weather. One of the ladies I really enjoy was there, as well as two new members.  Hopefully, the newcomers will be back again soon.

On the way home, I stopped off at Walmart to pick up a couple of things. After leaving the store, I returned GFJ's call and chatted for about 45 minutes. She'll be driving out to Pennsylvania tomorrow while I'll be going out to Long Island. The following day, she'll be heading home while I'm driving to Groton to see YGM. Both of us are going to be busy beavers, and for very different reasons excepting both of us will have long drives this weekend.

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