Friday, May 5, 2017

Back to Back Meetups - How do I do it?

Although the second meetup was scheduled to start at 7:30, nothing really starts to happen until 8:15 pm.  So to answer the question which gives this entry its title, I planned to leave early and drive quickly.

- - - - - -

It took me a while to get moving this morning. But I finally got to doing 5 loads of laundry. (Even GFJ was surprised when I mentioned this in a text message.) This caused me to postpone going to the GLBT center for my weekly stint - and I expect to be there on Monday, either before or after my time at Arts Westchester.

With the extra time I had for myself, I took care of getting information in regard to the family homestead. My brother had told me that they needed an electrical inspection and that the town had a copy of that successful inspection on file.  That was not correct. After talking with the folks at the town's bureau of records (buildings), I found out that the electrician was supposed to deal with an underwriter and that we needed that paperwork on file and available for the building inspection.  Armed with that information, I was able to contact the electrician (he was out of town on family business) and arrange for him to send us the underwriter's certificate when he returns on Monday.  So, if my brother had communicated the correct information to me (which he didn't), we wouldn't have lost almost 2 weeks of time.

My brother can be a domineering pain in the ass, and he wants me to be at the house early on Saturday to do sheetrocking. I don't mind being there, but he doesn't want to lose any of his weekend time, and he no longer values my time. For me to do any work there, I have to burn 3 hours of driving and pay $13.50 in tolls. It's not a cheap trip in time, tolls, gas, and use of the car. Both of us have legitimate points to make in this argument. But I am frustrated, as he probably feels that he has put in enough effort on this project - and I can't make it much easier for him without major issues on my side.

- - - - - -

I ended up leaving for the FFGoW meetup around 6 pm, and got there on time (for a change). The restaurant was having a $9.95 dinner special, and we all got away with bills under $16 (incl. tax and tip). It was nice to see the ladies again, and it was nice to just be one of the gals.  I was glad that dinner ended around 8:15 pm, as I wanted to go to game night in Yonkers - and got there in time to play 3 games.  This time, I actually won a game. But what was most important is that we may have another woman joining the group. She may be young enough to be my daughter, but it felt nice to have someone new fitting in with the group and feeling comfortable in my presence.

During the games, GFJ sent me a message.  Her Mom was stable, and in a rehab center across the street from the assisted living facility she lives in. So GFJ is spending the night in her Mom's apartment, and will be driving out to see her son's departmental graduation on Friday.

As for me, I'll be driving out to have dinner with the Cat Lady tomorrow, and will be picking up a bottle of wine to go with dinner. I think it will be a nice evening....

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