Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another day en-femme, and wishing I had more.

It's been months since I've seen YGM, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. We confirmed that we will be meeting this Sunday, and I'm about to make reservations at a hotel nearby to her, so that I can see her, perhaps go for a swim, and drive home at a leisurely pace the next morning.

But first, I'll talk about today's events.

- - - - - -

As usual, I didn't get moving until the afternoon came. I did a little studying for class, knowing that I am a little behind in my work. There was some homework, and I wasn't getting the hang of one question. So I'll have to ask about this in tomorrow's class.

Towards mid afternoon, I decided to get shaved, showered, dressed and out the door. I wanted to find an inexpensive cover up that I can use this weekend when I walk from my room to the indoor pool. It'll be nice to take a dip in my "new" swimsuit and stay en-femme for my entire stay at the hotel. So I drove up to Newburgh and scanned what they had at The Avenue - and didn't like the price of their offerings.

Next, it was off to Walmart, where I picked up an inexpensive denim dress which might serve the purpose. There is a drawback - buttons, buttons, and more buttons.

What made it worse is that one of those buttons had top be resewn. But what do you expect out of Walmart? Although the dress is a little snug around the waist, I can't complain much for only $16.

- - - - - -

This was the kind of day where it could have started raining at any time after rush hour. And it was windy all day. So I almost regretted made the decision to wear a dress. Since I'll soon be putting away my sweater dresses, I might as well get some mileage out of them while it is cool enough to wear them. If this were summer, I'd have already broken out the summer weight dresses. But I think I'll pack a couple of tunics and leggings in my weekend bag, just in case we have a day like today.

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