Sunday, May 21, 2017

Another day at the family homestead

You might be getting tired of this picture. And I am getting tired of driving there to take care of things. But there may be a break - we finally got the sheetrock done over the burner in the basement. It was a big pain in the ass, but yet, not as bad as it could have been.

- - - - - -

My alarms got me moving at 8 am, knowing that my brother would be calling to wake me up. When he called, he asked if I could make it down at 1 pm, as he was going to spend a couple of hours at his office. This was a blessing for me, as I was able to take care of a few things around the house before trekking to Long Island.

It's taking longer and longer to get to and from Long Island these days. It seems as if the construction they're doing for cashless toll collection is a major problem for those trying to cross the East River. Instead of a quick ride across the bridge, it took about a half hour to cross the bridge in bumper to bumper traffic. Once the bridge was crossed, the usual Long Island or Bronx traffic jams applied.

I made it to Long Island at 1:30, and we started work on the basement a little after 2 pm. Although we had to disconnect electrical boxes to slide the sheetrock into place, it wasn't as hard a job as it could have been. Instead, it was more of an annoyance trying to fit the sheetrock where we wanted, as there was barely enough room to fit the sheetrock between the pipes and the joists. It's hard to believe, but we were done before 4 pm - and this made it possible for us to visit my Dad in the nursing home.

- - - - - -

My dad was glad to see us. And he had a task for me - something I'd rather not have tackled. He wanted me to set up a voice control system, so that he could write emails just by speaking into the tablet. One problem - the tablet was configured wrong, as it was set up as if it were my Brother's tablet. Once I figured that out, I found an even more annoying problem - the Dragon software may be incompatible with the Gmail app.  I was getting a little annoyed by my brother, as I was taking a step by step approach to my experiments, and he didn't know what I was doing.  Once I told him what I was trying to do, he let me alone. So this was a blessing for me....

All too soon it was time to go.  My Dad was moved into a new room, as his former roommate was moaning in pain all day long.  My dad didn't want to hear that. So he ended up with a more alert and friendly roommate, and I hope things work out for him. As for me, I started my drive home, and got stuck in the usual traffic jams. Strangely enough, the rain didn't slow me down much.

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