Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An unplanned visit to Pat

Computer malware. Sometimes, it can provide something of minimal value like a screen saver in exchange for "enhanced" user experiences. (Read: More ads from unwanted sources.) And sometimes it can be downright nasty, as in the "WannaCry" Ransomware spreading around the world as I write this entry. This was one of the things that worried Pat this morning, and caused her to ask me for help.

I told Pat that I'd be there late in the afternoon. She asked me to pick up a memory stick, so that I could back up her computer before trying to fetch the latest Windows Update for her computer. By the time I got there, it was close to 7 pm, as I got stuck in Target for 30 minutes due to the lack of check out lines.

It was nice to see Pat again, and I promptly got down to the basic job of the day - backing up her computer. Although I did a half-assed job of it, a better job of it will have to wait until I find a safe tool to manage her backups. Once I was done, I applied the Windows Update, and she was good to go.

However, one of her friends came over, and we were gabbing much longer than planned.   We talked about many things - including me being transgender. Her friend knew that I live in both genders, because he picked up my old PT Cruiser. Yet, he knew little about the nature of being transgender until meeting me again. It was a very informative chat - and well worth my time to pass on a little knowledge to someone new. Pat asked me to use my male voice for a second, and I did. After that, she made several misgendering errors that I think were caused by my mixing male and female modes while I was there. She usually is flawless in this area.

All too soon, witching hour came and I had to leave.  It was a good evening, and I'm glad I made the time to have it....

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