Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A day to myself (or what passes as such) as Marian

A little blurb about the exhibition in the Arts Westchester building:

From The Streets, curated by Marc Leader of 212 Arts and Melissa McCaig-Welles of Curator 19.90, chronicles the meteoric rise of the urban artist from vandal and outlaw to cultural trendsetter. The exhibition features murals, paintings, photography, sculpture and installations from artists at the cutting edge of their discipline.

The ground floor of ArtsWestchester’s gallery will highlight legendary artists who rose to prominence in the 1980’s, a pivotal moment in graffiti’s burgeoning culture. It was this era where a spirit of competition fostered innovation and birthed a unique mode of artistic expression. “From the Streets” tracks these artists’ continued influence on urban visual culture and examines the shift from the streets to the gallery and museum. Artists exhibited on the gallery’s second floor are internationally recognized for creating provocative work informed by the attitude and style of street art’s pioneers.

Most of these artists got their start "Writing" on Subway cars or the sides of buildings as their canvases. For this exhibition, the artists created new work (on removable canvases) in the styles they are known for. This gives the museum new work (at a low cost) which can be displayed, and gives the artists the ability to show new work for which they retain a financial interest.

I'm not a fan of the work they did while vandalizing public property. So I'm of mixed mind regarding the acceptance of the "artists" into the world of art, having turned "vandalism" into an art form in the 1980's. Yet, there is something to be said in regard to the work of Keith Haring that can't be denied - a good bit of it seems timeless. So I decided to keep my mind open while the docent discussed the work of some of the people whose work was on display.

The bottom artist's work was often found on Subway cars in the 1980's. And I'll readily admit that his work is a step above the average vandalism done to subway cars of that era. I'm very glad that he's gone on to other things, as I prefer seeing my subway cars grafitti free.

- - - - - -

When I got up, I had two things scheduled. First was a postponed visit to the GLBT center. Second was the monthly visit to Arts Westchester. Of course, I got to the GLBT center late, and was working through lunch hour. Around 1:45, I drove over to downtown White Plains to go to the Arts Westchester meeting. And I got a new assignment for early next month. (I could have done this on Memorial Day weekend, but I didn't want to foul up potential plans for then.) Once the meeting ended, it was downstairs to see the exhibit - and it is something well worth seeing if you are in White Plains and want to kill a half hour or so.

After the meeting, I had nothing better to do except to take a long drive. So I ended up in Danbury, CT - where I did some window shopping at Lane Bryant and The Avenue.  If I were still working, I'd have picked up a couple of blouses and skirts (on clearance) that would look good on me. But I figured that I can and will do without, as I've blown my budget for the month.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I called HWA. And we ended up talking for a while during my drive. We agreed to get together next week to chat about the co-op and of other things. We always seem to have a great chat, and she's very comfortable with me in both Mario and Marian modes.

Later on, I called Lili. And she was having a terrible time with a kiosk she had rented at the local mall. How brisk was business? Would a slow drip from a molasses jar be a good description? The answer to that question would involve the molasses flowing too quickly. There was no way that Lili was going to do well with this venture. But I knew that there was also no way to tell Lili that this would be a bad bet for her.  At least, she will be out of there in less than two weeks....

As for me, I'll be seeing Lili for lunch tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.

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