Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sometimes, it's OK to expect to be treated as "Number One"

I couldn't resist this shot.  As I said in the title of this entry, it is sometimes appropriate to expect to be treated as "Number One."  This has nothing to do with the rest of the entry, except to show my readers what kind of mood I was in when I started to write down my thoughts for the day.

- - - - - -

Today was Good Friday. If I were religious, I might have been concerned about what food I'd be eating for the day. Instead, I started out by having an "omelette" made with ground beef. And this was my typical oblivious view of the world for the day - it may have been a religious holiday that many people honor, but it was something I remembered only when it was brought up to me.

Although I woke up at 7:30 am, I didn't get moving much until noon. My plans were to put in two hours of work at the GLBT Center, then kill some time before going to dinner with the FFGoW's. Well, my plans changed as soon as I reached the GLBT Center at 3:00 pm. They planned to close at 4, so I didn't get that much work done before they closed.

Once done at the center, I tried reaching Pat.  She and a man she was dating were on their way out to pick up her daughter at the group home, and then go to a restaurant to celebrate Pat's birthday. But that scuttled one of my options for killing time. So I decided to go to the bookstore, then get some iced tea and read a little.  It's amazing how one can easily kill a couple of hours at a bookstore is one has a mind to do so.

Next, it was off to the FFGoW meetup.  We had way too small a table for the seven of us. Two of the women were newcomers to the group, and one of them took an interest in my comments on Harpo Marx. (This woman was a professional actress at one time, and still has an interest in both stage and screen.)  Tonight, it seemed as if my feminine personality was smoothly firing on all cylinders, as I felt as if everything was working for me in my conversations with all the women at the table. And I was able to tell a joke that I picked up yesterday at "Not That Jewish" that almost got one of the ladies to wet herself. Later on, I got information from one of the regulars regarding an inexpensive education program she's part of - and I plan to attend these classes if I'm not working full time in the fall.

- - - - - -

All too soon, it was time to go home.  I wasn't sure about GFJ's holiday weekend schedule, so I figured that I'd wait to see if she reaches out to me via Facebook. This left me free to chat with Lili - and she doesn't want for me to resume things with GFJ if GFJ wants to come back to me. And there are good reasons for that - from my perspective. But I like having someone to hold. Lili wants for me to find a woman who likes people like me. This is a statistical improbability. So I plan to live my life among the company of women and be accepted as a peer.  Whoever I settle down with will know about my two lives, and have to accept both of them to accept me. Ideally, if the woman is truly a good match for me, this time around, I'll be wearing the pretty dress!

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