Saturday, April 15, 2017

Read two books and call me in the morning.

When I started this entry, Ex-GF-M had successfully defended her dissertation. She will be an officially minted EdD (Doctorate in Education) come this May.  I'm glad that she finally got her Doctorate out of the way. I met her over 10 years ago, and she did this work while tending for two aging parents, as well as a mother in law (the Ex is a widow) who is also getting on in years.

Ex-GF-M and I were supposed to get together today, but we had to postpone lunch due to being busy at work.  (Could it be because I'm going to visit her in Marian Mode?  If so, then I'd know that she couldn't have dealt with me "outing" myself. But I'll find that out soon.) Until we meet again, I won't know the answer.

My purposes for meeting her is to take advantage of the services her department provides to school alumni. She may have some good ideas of things I can do, given that I never filed for my NYS certification as an Educational Technology Specialist, nor do I have a strong desire to deal with a lot of headaches on the job. I could very easily be a grunt - especially if I could go to work as Marian.

So we decided to meet in two weeks - and I'll see what happens then.

- - - - - -

The postponement left the bulk of my day free. So I had many options of things to do before meeting my niece at the Neue Gallerie.  This museum focuses on German and Austrian art, and is the repository for Klimt's "Lady in Gold" (Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer #1).  Ever since the movie came out, I wanted to see the work that Maria Altmann spent a good part of her later years trying to reclaim - in spite of Austria's attempts to keep the painting "at home".

Around noon, I texted my niece to remind her that we were supposed to meet today.  She totally forgot about it, and we had to reschedule this museum for next month.  But she wanted to get together before then, so I suggested next Saturday when I have nothing planned.  She liked that idea. So let's see what happens.

This left me with a totally free day to spend as I will - and I wasted most of it by staying in a warm, comfy bed. But around 4 pm, I decided to get moving and do something....

So around 6 pm, I started my drive to the Bronx, so that I could take the subway into NYC and see an Off-Broadway play as part of the 20@20 deal.  One problem.  I had a much harder time finding a spot than usual, and I ended up abandoning my plans to see one of the available plays.  Instead, I ended up taking a long drive, doing some window shopping at Target, and then to home where I started baking the Chocolate Amaretto brownies I'm bringing to tomorrow's pot luck supper meetup with the FFGoW group.  If the brownies taste half as good as the spoonful of batter I tasted, these brownies will get raves....


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