Monday, April 3, 2017

Quickie: Dinner with GFJ

I was originally thinking of going into the city en-femme and visiting a museum today. However, GFJ wanted to talk - and we made arrangements to get together for a late lunch. However, knowing that GFJ would be late, I figured that our chat would be over an early dinner.

We had a nice dinner conversation, but the hard talk came inside my car. She was still of very mixed mind, and afraid of what others would say about me being TG.  I can understand that. But I think that the reality of this was hammered home to her a month ago, and now she's finally trying to make a hard decision.

Although I was running off at the mouth (I always do so), I wanted her to know that she will have as much time as she needs to deal with her thoughts on our relationship. (This is not exactly true, but I am in no hurry to get a decision from her.) For the most part, she's likely having to deal with her upbringing - that I am doing something wrong, even though it harms no one.

We'll definitely meet and talk again. But she was in a better place knowing that my other Facebook page (Marian's private page) no longer made it look like Mario had a second identity.  She knows that I am not willing to give up being Marian. But she also knows that I am willing to spend time as Mario to be with her.

More on this topic later....

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