Friday, April 21, 2017

Not that Jewish.

Normally, my plans for a typical Thursday would have me going to the local GLBT center and doing some volunteer work. Today was different. I wanted to see "Not that Jewish" at the $20 discounted price available through the site. And I made my plans to do so.

The was one fly in the ointment.  I had promised my brother that I'd try to reach the town where the family homestead is, and try to find out information regarding a Rental Occupancy Permit that will soon apply for. They told me to expect a call back today - but it never came. So I'll have to pester them tomorrow morning.

Next on the list of things to do was driving to the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx, so that I could park at the subway station and get to the play on time. For a change, everything went well. Not only did I find a seat on both trains on my way to the Times Square area, but I also was able to make a quick uptown connection that saved me a third of a mile of walking to the theater. This allowed me to get there in time to buy my ticket AND have a chance to go to the bathroom before the performance.

The play was enjoyable.  Monica Piper (pictured above) discussed her sense of Jewish identity, being a cultural Jew, but not a religious Jew. Anyone familiar with Jewish tradition (even if not Jewish) would understand all of her references. She proceeded to talk about her life up to the point of her adopted son reaching his teenage years, and having similar feelings about his Jewish heritage - albeit from a different direction.

Once done with the play, I made sure not to dawdle in the city, as I knew that rush hour was coming soon. So I got on the train, and made my way back to the Bronx, where my car was safely parked in front of the subway station.

- - - - - -

As I got in my car, I figured that I'd try to call Pat - but with no response.  That wasn't a big deal. I was only looking to kill some time before going to game night. So I proceeded to Panera Bread for dinner, and then made it to The Avenue for some window shopping.  Strangely enough, this store carried several dresses I may have been interested in, including a pretty polka dot number that captured my eye.  Only one problem - I don't like this year's "cold shoulder" style, and think that this dress will appear dated after one season. But I did find a blazer in a size 30 that caught my eye, and came home with me.

I can see this blazer being worn over a solid outfit (or dress) and giving it some needed pop. And I might just be wearing it soon on a night out with a female friend.

After emptying out my wallet a little, it was time to go over to game night. And the fellow that creeped me out came up in conversation. We were making jokes about not playing "King of Tokyo", and I noted that he is a little like a puppy dog wanting attention from me. The hostess said that he may not have a full set of social skills for someone of his age. Yet, she recognized that I wasn't complaining, but only commenting about him. So "no harm, no foul" to anyone involved or discussed in that chat.

Of course, I lost the one game I played.  But I was very distracted (I didn't put my phone away) by texts I was receiving from Maria (she has to reschedule breakfast), YGM (she is still recovering from an operation), and my niece (having to schedule a museum date for Saturday). I'll have to learn NOT to pull out my phone as often as I do. If I were a smoker, I;d have puffed away a pack or so in the 3.5 hours I was there. (No one smokes tobacco there, but I'm only illustrating how my need to play with something is being triggered.)

- - - - - -

On the way home, I tried to reach GFJ.  But I think that she actually has made an effort to try and sleep earlier. If so, bully for her!  Maybe, she'll finally get a good night's sleep for a change.

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