Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Killing time

I've gotten too accustomed to doing nothing. It took a lot for me to even start studying for my class. And I was finally able to get myself moving to do a little bit of studying - which is nothing short of a miracle, given the way I've been feeling as of late.

- - - - - -

Like most of my free days lately, I woke up late and stayed in my jammies all day. But I got moving when the lady in charge of Mercy College's speech therapy training area called to find out what the best days would be for me to work with their students. So it looks like I'll be working with Mercy's grad school students to develop a more feminine voice.

Once I was moving, I decided to get dressed and go out for a long drive. I ended up at the Mt. Vernon Target. While there, I tried on a dress (image not available online) they had, and the darned thing made by breasts look like my grandmothers did in the dresses she used to wear.  Coming out of the fitting room, the attendant struck up a conversation with me, and she said that the dress had just arrived. But she suggested that I buy it now, as she doesn't expect it to stay in the store for more than a couple of days. Walking around the store on a full circuit, I figured that I had enough time to make a go/no-go decision regarding the dress. After I was done with the circuit, I decided not to buy the dress, as it didn't look "just right" on me.

Driving back home, I decided to overshoot the house and go grocery shopping in Yorktown Heights. This gave me the chance to talk with my friend Joanie to catch up on things and to see when we can meet again. (No, I never would want to be in a relationship with her - the two of us look at life in very different ways, and would likely argue a lot if we had to deal with each other on a regular basis.)  One the way home, I ended up talking with GFJ - and have the call drop several times, as I was getting poor signal on the way home.  GFJ is going for a colonoscopy tomorrow - and I don't relish the prep she is going through, as she is nauseous enough to have vomited a couple of times. Hopefully, all will go well for her in the morning.

- - - - - -

Tomorrow, I'll figure out what I want to do when the day is here.  But until then, I want to get a good sleep....



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