Thursday, April 27, 2017

It was a long day for me.

I almost woke up early enough to do laundry today. And I'll need to do that tomorrow, so that the cleaning lady has some fresh sheets to put on my bed. But I still have a lot of things ahead of me today, as I have to see my dad, take care of paperwork for renting out the family homestead, and then go to class.  I won't be home until at least 11 pm - and I'll be totally exhausted.

- - - - - -

As I noted, I saw the Cat Lady last night. We're at a state where we could stay friends, or become something more. But she has one annoying problem that I'm not sure if I can live with: She talks so fast, without pausing for more than a breath, that it's hard to keep pace with her and it's hard to get in a word edgewise. My mind was a little exhausted after being with her at her house after dinner last night. Being with GFJ is very different. She doesn't always feel the need to speak. And she is comfortable enough with me not to be always "on". You can easily understand why I avoided being in a position to see her yesterday (though it would have meant breaking a date with the Cat Lady), as I really don't want what we once had to be pronounced completely over.

If I end up pursuing something with the Cat Lady, I will need to deal with three things:
  1. Her tiring rate of speech. (I'll have to ask her to slow down a little for me to keep up.)
  2. Telling her about Marian
  3. Cats (I'll need to take allergy pills to prevent nasty allergic reactions.)
This will be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and not something I'd advise to other people.  For me, it might be worth a gamble.  But I doubt I'd have the depth of feeling I've had with a handful of women since my wife died.

- - - - - -

I'm a little behind where I want to be with my school studies this week. So playing "catch up" will be something very important to me in the near future. In addition, I must apply with PMI to take the PMP certification exam. Of course, I want to chat with my former boss, so that I can be sure that he'll certify my work - in case my application is audited.

When I was first unemployed, I was gung ho in finding a new job.  By the time this round with unemployment ended, I became ambivalent about finding a job. It was possible for me to "almost retire" and live off my savings. Do I really want to work as a project manager? I'm not really sure. But I do want to try and get this certification. Just like my Master's Degree, having the certification will say something about my ability to accomplish things. And it will tell me that I still had the chops to do what it takes - if I wanted to do so.

- - - - - -

I got out of the house around noon, and trekked to Long Island to see my dad.  He was in good spirits today, and it was a pleasure to visit him. There was only so much we could say to each other, and he knew when it was best to send me on my way.

Next, it was off to the town's bureau of records, where I found out what was needed for a rental permit. The fellow at the desk told me that it was not their policy to answer questions over the phone. So I'll bet that many people needlessly have to visit the office just to get questions answered. But he was very polite (very much like "Mayberry, RFD") and gave me the answers I needed. Then, he sent me downstairs to pick up the records I needed. It was interesting to see original paperwork that was over 75 years old regarding the house (Certificate of Occupancy and Land Survey), and then to have it photocopied for our use.

On the way out, I called my brother, and he said that the house failed inspection for a minor issue regarding sheetrock and the electric inspection.  It seems as if the inspector wanted to give someone a hard time, and my sister in law (and my brother) were the recipients of that hard time. My brother wanted me to go back to the town hall and pick up a copy of the electric inspection, and I wasn't in the mood to do so.  I had just enough time to drop off the copies to my sister in law, and then make it to NYC for my class.  He was very upset, but he can't complain too much.  If needed, I will go down there again next week and take care of things. Until my brother and I talk again, I won't know what my plans for next week will be.

And then it was off to NYC. I parked my car and took the train into Manhattan, reaching Patty at Grand Central around 5 pm. She was better than I was, having taken the time to do all of the exercises in the book. Class went well, and we took the same train back to Queens - where I would change to the Astoria line at Queensboro Plaza.

- - - - - -

Once in Astoria, I looked for the supermarket that carried Tipsy Scoop ice cream, but didn't find it.  Sooner or later, I will be able to get some and bring it home.  Until then, I'll just have to keep searching for something special....

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