Sunday, April 9, 2017

I never cease being amazed at my life so far.

Since I intend this to be an entry that covers the first part of the weekend, I figure that I might as well start with Friday night with the ladies.

For the most part, I took it easy all day on Friday (this seems to be a common thread in my life as of late) until it was time to meet up with the FFGoW's at Tasty House for Chinese dinner.  Although we were going to have an excellent turnout, several people bailed out due to the rainy weather. They couldn't be blamed much, as it was raw outside and for some, unsafe weather to drive in. In fact, while I was talking with Lili on the ride down (she stayed home, and didn't go to her meetup), some jerk decided not to exit Route 9A at Route 117 and decided to cut across rain soaked grass to get back on the road. He was very lucky NOT to have caused an accident, and I was very lucky to be far enough away from him if he did som with the car in the left lane.

Arriving at the restaurant 15 minutes ate, I was warmly greeted by the usual gang, including the woman who introduced me to Arts Westchester (I'll call her TM for now). The 12 of us ladies had a great time gabbing about career, family and friends while eating a tasty dinner. Several of the women are working in (or have worked in) education, and the topic of "Common Core" came up. The more I hear about it, the more I'm learning that political types developed CC, and it does not reflect best teaching practices. (This makes me even more glad that I didn't bother getting my Ed. Tech. Specialist certification and dealing with the scholastic rat race.) Towards the end of dinner, I mentioned to TM that I was still unemployed, and she gave me the links to a women's networking group that she uses. It's nice to know that TM sees me as a woman and not as something else. As dinner broke up, TM, another lady, and I hung out a little and continued to gab for a half hour after everyone else left.

On the way home, I chatted with GFJ for a while, and the conversation flowed as it always does. But it doesn't make sense for me to keep GFJ as big a part of my life (as measured by conversations, etc.) if she doesn't intend to have a romantic relationship again. So, I'll have to start planning more of my life without regard to coordinating my life with hers. And I think that will mean that if I want to see YGM on a Sunday, that I should consider staying overnight in a nearby hotel and have a day away in Marian mode.

As you might expect, I didn't go straight home. In order to extend my conversation with GFJ, I decided on the fly to drive over to Walmart to do some shopping. And while there, I met up with the clerk with whom I've stuck up a friendly acquaintanceship.We finally got the chance to exchange phone numbers, and we'll likely be seeing each other soon - outside the confines of the store.

- - - - - -

Saturday came, and I was expected to help my brother out with the last of the work on the family homestead.

As usual, I didn't get out of my apartment until late. My brother kept me waiting when I reached the family homestead. He had gotten into a conversation with his neighbor, and lost track of time until I called to remind him I was at the homestead. But he finally made it a few minutes after my call.

One of the things we planned to do was replace the dryer vent tubing. Instead of having the typical tube (with an extension) hanging from the joists, then allowed to sag down to the dryer, we decided to do something else. From the outside vent, we would use inflexible aluminum vent tubing (sheet metal) to reach the area over the dryer, then run a flexible tube down to the dryer. This way, things would look much more professional and be easier to maintain. (I wish I had taken pictures of the final product.) So we ran down to Home Depot and picked up the needed supplies before starting work in the basement.

Installing the new ducting system was a two person job, as we needed to fit the crimped sheet metal pieces together, hang them properly from the joists, and secure them before moving appliances back to their proper places. In addition to reconnecting a washer and a dryer, we also had to move a refrigerator and a freezer into the corner. But now, future tenants have a nice looking basement area in which they can wash/dry their clothes, as well as an extra refrigerator/freezer in which to store food.

- - - - - -

Once we were done with the work in the basement, it was time to go.  I took the long way home, and I made the mistake of taking the Triborough bridge home. Normally, losing one traffic lane in each direction wouldn't hose up traffic on a weekend. But as I neared the toll booths, I realized what the problem may have been - there were way too many people trying to make it into the cash only lanes and none of these lanes being open!  I only wish I could have gotten a picture of this - 8 lanes dedicated to cash customers, and yet NONE of the lights were Green, saying that they were open.  What the **** did the MTA expect people to do?

At least I made it through the toll plaza, and was able to stop by Stew Leonard's before it closed for the night.

PS: While with my brother, YGM texted me to say she couldn't make it because she was sick.  I'm glad that I didn't bother to make the hotel reservations for Sunday night....

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