Thursday, April 20, 2017

Class was cancelled today

Both Patty and I were behind in our preparations for class today. Although she was further ahead in the workbook, I might have been further ahead in the online quizzes. But neither of us should have worried....

- - - - - -

One of the things I have been neglectful on doing is the online coursework for my class. In our text book, there are 15 chapters which we are responsible for knowing. Each of these areas will be covered in the class final, as well as the PMP certification exam. And, unlike Patty, I have no excuse for falling behind in the coursework.  So, when 3:00 pm came around, I knew that I wasn't going to be caught up by this week's class - and made it a point to not let this situation continue into next week.

At 3:15, I started my drive into Pelham, where I intended to park and take the train into Grand Central. The parking spot I was going to use is limited to 2 hours between 8 am and 6 pm. That means that if I parked my car at 4 pm, they couldn't ticket me after 6 pm. There is a wrinkle. If I got to the spot before 4, I'd have to wait until 4, so that I couldn't be ticketed. This would give me only 12 minutes to walk the 3 blocks to the station and buy my ticket. If I didn't make the train, I'd be unable to make it to Grand Central in time to meet Patty for a bite to eat.  This week, luck was working for me, as I made it in time for the 4:03 train that was running several minutes late.

I arrived at Grand Central before Patty, and decided to wait in the dining area where we usually eat. When she got there, she told me a story about leaving for a doctor's appointment without money or credit cards in her wallet, and having her husband run to the train station to give her cash as the train was pulling into Forest Hills. She was very lucky to say the least, as she was able to take the train (which was running late) and make her doctor's appointment on time. (If she didn't have cash when she met me, I'd have lent her the money to eat and to get home.)

Once we were done eating, we went to class.  Our teacher was late because of an emergency he was having at home. He had to interrupt class twice to deal with the emergency, and then had to drive home early to deal with that emergency.  Hopefully, he'll get it all sorted out by next week - and we will have an idea of how this class will be made up.

- - - - - -

After class, I had a choice. Do I go to an Off-Broadway play scheduled for 8 pm, or do I go home. As much as I wanted to see another play, I decided to go home. And this was the right decision....

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