Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another class in NYC, but I was focused on Patty

This is an older picture of Patty.  Last week, she missed class because of a blood clot in her retina. She is very lucky that it wasn't even worse. Patty went through a series of tests since then, and the doctors couldn't figure out why this blood clot had formed in the first place.Today, she went to another doctor and was not in the best of moods when she met me at Grand Central.

We got to Grand Central at the same time. And it took a little while for her to find me, as I had made a mad dash to the restroom before buying food and sitting at an easy to find table.  When she sat down, she mentioned that she was at the doctor since before noon, and that her husband had to go home at 4:30 pm to take care of the dog. Then, she went into her story of sensing the blood clot, going to the hospital, not getting an MRI for 2 days, and then being told this afternoon that the sight she lost in her right eye won't come back.

This is a major blow to Patty, as she has not had to confront her mortality (as far as I can tell), and sensing the first of the body's "breakdown" signals did not make her a happy camper. (Am I accurately describing how Patty feels inside? I can not know for certain, as we each react to medical events differently.) I'm very glad that she has Steve to lean on, as he is a constant in her life.

While we were chatting, she started finishing up this week's assignment for class. She is not getting the theory behind what is being taught in class - her professional experience is making it hard for her to grasp PMI's interpretation of "best practices" vs. "real world practices". As for me, I'm grasping the ideas. But I do not have the depth of experience to fill in some of the blanks of what PMI expects a certified project management professional to know.

After class, Patty said that she wasn't "getting it".  And I mentioned that she should look up the word "Fractal". PMI is defining the project management processes in a way that if you understand project management and understand what a fractal is, that you can piece together the things you don't know in one view of a picture from things you know from another view of that same picture.  Hopefully, this comment will help her "get" what PMI is trying to have all project managers know....

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