Friday, April 14, 2017

And then the rains came....

Last night's weather report said it was likely to be a wet day today, with drenching rain coming down at times during the day.  Well, the forecast was accurate, and I decided to stay indoors until the sun came out for a brief respite from the deluges.

Most of the day was spent indoors doing much of nothing. I was very comfortable in my jammies, and was not in the mood to venture outside my door. If I had a washer/dryer in the apartment, I'd have gladly put everything into the washer and do several loads during the day. But I was so comfortable in the slip I was wearing, and the prospect of changing into Mario for a while didn't appeal to me.

Eventually, my calendar reminded me that I had game night. So I got showered, shaved and dressed - and out the door I went. However, I didn't go straight to game night. Instead, I decided to look at buying the Silk'n Flash & Go Express laser hair removal system. The product sells for $299, but I had a current Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon that brought the price down to $240. (The first BB&B store I visited had a cheaper, newer version of the Silk'n device, but I didn't buy it.  Instead, I went to a second BB&B store that had the device in stock - as I wanted the exact device for which I read user reviews.) Unfortunately, I got stock behind a lady whose purchase was taking forever due to refunds and use of gift cards. You might ask, why not go to a new line? Well, the lady who opened the cabinet for me put the $300 device in the hands of the first check out clerk she saw - and I couldn't move to the line that was moving.

Eventually, the line moved, and I was able to drive to Yonkers for game night. I missed the first game, but was able to get into the next set of games - with both other ladies who are usually there. I could have gotten into a game with N and the host's son. But I didn't want to get into a game that bores me with two people who could drive me up the wall.  (The host's son is a nice kid.  However, he is a child, and I was in the mood for adult companionship more than I was in the mood to play any old game that was available.)  I could tell that N was disappointed. But I try to avoid him because he creeps me out a little - and my feelings come first.

Although I didn't win any games, I had the good time I expected to have.  Hopefully, the lasagna I planned to bring there will be thawed out enough for them to reheat it for the enjoyment of all.  Until then, it sits in my icebox, thick as a brick and just as hard.

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