Saturday, March 25, 2017

Seeing the doc, doing some volunteering, then a bite to eat with Lili

I had only two things planned for today - seeing my doctor as Mario, and then volunteering as Marian. But Lili was free, and alone - so I added dinner with her to the list of things I wanted to take care of.

- - - - - -

Wake up time came earlier than usual, as I have started the process of getting out of bed earlier each day, so that I'll be able to get moving at 5:30 am for Jury Duty. And I was able to be ready on time for a 10:00 am visit to my doctor.  After 45 minutes, he wanted to do a test, so that he could determine why I was having a specific symptom.  The blood pressure was OK, but....

Once done with the doctor, it was back to my place to change into Marian Mode. And then it was off to NPW.  Arriving there, I had to wait for a while so that NPWJ could finish a phone call. She and her friend (on the other side of the line) was upset that Trump's budget was cutting out "Meals on Wheels". And they both were upset at how callous the GOP spin masters were treating this subject.

After a half hour of waiting, we finally got down to work.  And there were a lot of things we needed to cover, in order for NPWJ to understand where we were with the project.  During the next 2 hours, she mentioned that they will be moving to Mt. Kisco, and that it will be a headache for her assistant to work there, as she takes mass transit to work. I mentioned that if she needs paid help, feel free to call me - and it looked like she might do that if needed. (For her sake, I hope that her assistant is able to make the move, as I could only be counted upon until I found more reliable work.)  It would be nice to go to work as Marian, and it would be nice to have a new work history to build on as a female.

Since I'll be on Jury Duty and do not know when it will end, I said that I'll be making some changes on my own - and will call her as soon as jury duty is over. Given the time commuting will take out of my life, I don't expect that I'll be able to do much in this area as I'd like.

- - - - - -

When I was done at NPW, it was off to my house. On the way home, I encountered some of the worst traffic jams I've experienced on the Sprain, the Taconic, and on Route 9A.  Something happened that caused the Taconic to be closed at Route 133, and there was nowhere for traffic to go.  Even the side roads were fouled up. So it took me over an hour to make a 30 minute drive.

After taking care of business, I was about to run off to meet Lili at a Chinese restaurant. But my call to Mercy College's speech lab was finally returned. So I talked with the person in charge.  For a very nice (read: inexpensive) price/visit, I can get help making my voice sound more feminine. A grad student will be doing the work, and he/she will be supervised and monitored during their work. (Someone has to learn their craft by having guinea pigs, and that's why getting dental work is always cheaper at a dental school than at your local dentist's office.) Towards the end of the call, the doctor (I don't know which flavor of doctor she is) asked me about my voice - and I mentioned that I learned how to do this on my own.

- - - - - -

At this point, it was off to see Lili at the restaurant.  She had her usual soup and I had my usual dinner. And I had to remind her NOT to project her codependent needs on me in regard to my dating - I like the idea of having Marian time, and with a typical woman, I'd have to spend more time as Mario than I want.

She is losing weight, and I am a little envious of her.  But I don't think I want to give up enjoying a good meal. I may have to do so if my doctor's tests come out poorly, but the blood work done in October says the rest of my body is in "good" shape (for now). Yet, she is right - I have to start losing weight, and now is the best time to do so....

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  1. Traffic heading between down county and up county along the Sprain, Taconic and 9A has been bad lately. I have been caught in jams both ways and the number of accidents seems to have gone way up.