Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quickie: Shopping - both online and in store

Shopping for clothes can be great fun, and a great inconvenience. Like many women, I enjoy going to the store and sifting through racks of clothing.  I enjoy talking with the ladies working at the store, as well as getting suggestions involving what looks good on me. Shopping becomes a communal experience, where the potential buyer (me) gets to chat with others while examining the merchandise.

Online shopping is more of a solitary experience for me.  Yes, I can always send clothes back to the virtual store if the product doesn't fit right. But I rarely need to do so, as most online outlets have done their best to standardize the fit for each size, so that they can minimize product returns.

There is a noted advantage that online shopping has over in-person shopping: variety. I can go to many stores' online outlets and find a greater variety of goods than are available at the brick and mortar store front.  This is a shame, but it does make sense.  Why maintain a store inventory for goods that don't sell well enough to be stocked in a store, but sell well enough to be offered online?

Although I am almost at the end of establishing a full female wardrobe, I still like to browse through brick and mortar stores, as well as their online outlets.  This is one of the pleasures about being a woman - sometimes the process of gathering is fun for its own right, and not for what is gathered in that process.

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